Search Engine Optimization

Know the basics of search engine optimization to start getting more visitors to your website.

These days, search engine optimization (SEO) is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. But there are two main types of SEO, and website owners should understand the differences between them.

First, there’s “on-site SEO.” This is the type of SEO that is included in your monthly HubRunner fee. Basically, on-site SEO includes all of the different things you can do to your website to make it as easy as possible for the search engines to find you.

Your site must be structured properly and must have various types of hidden messages called ‘meta tags’ and ‘meta descriptions’ that include keywords to tell the search engines what type of business you’re in.

And then, of course, your site must be officially submitted to the search engine companies so you are added to the list of sites they regularly index.

Then, there’s “off-site SEO,” which includes all kinds of tactics you can use to improve your rank in various search engines. These tactics include finding other websites to link to your website, making sure bloggers are writing stories about your business and linking to your website, etc. If you are interested in getting help with offsite SEO, just ask us and we can recommend a trusted partner. Off-site optimization typically involves quite a bit of work over a period of at least several months.

In addition to on and off-page SEO, thee are many techniques that we’ve developed over the years to help our websites rank higher in the search results. From social media integration and directory submissions to site load speed, HubRunner ensures that each customer is able to leverage our years of website development experience.

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