HubRunner Picks: 4 Easy Ways to Improve your SEO

Due to the constantly evolving world of SEO, nothing can be more damaging to your SEO efforts than a dose of complacency. It’s crucial that you keep in touch with the industry to understand what’s hot and what’s going to get your to the top of the search engine results page (SERP) the quickest.

In order to help you realize this ambition, we’re going to take a look at some of the best ways to improve your SEO. These are our personal picks, so we feel that they’re the most innovative and important ways to give your contemporary SEO a shot in the arm.

1. Embrace Mobile App Optimization

Mobile browsing is slowly becoming the dominant force when it comes to accessing the internet, so it makes sense that your SEO should be keeping pace. And the key to keeping pace with this change in viewing habits is by optimizing your websites for mobile browsing.

Consumers on mobile devices generally want their information a lot quicker than consumers on desktop PCs, so you need to reduce loading times and increase accessibility. By meeting these two criteria you’ll find that you keep visitors engaged for longer.

2. Target Rich Answers

A recent development in Google’s SERP is the appearance of ‘rich answers’ above the organic search results. This provides marketers with an ideal opportunity to gain an advantage over organic search without having to dig into their budget via paid search.
Rich answers are very much in their infancy at the moment, but by using command words and direct headings it’s possible to generate great success in the SERP. And it’s bound to increase in popularity with time, so you need to get acquainted with it whilst it’s still a relatively unknown SEO technique.

3. Keywords Aren’t the Final Word in SEO

Keywords, in the traditional sense, aren’t quite as important as they used to be. In the past, for example, a marketing website would have relied on keywords such as “marketing” and “marketing techniques”. However, times have changed and users are conducting much more conversational search queries.

Therefore, long tailed keywords are now becoming more popular as they help to provide context e.g. a marketing website would now look to employ long tailed keywords such as “what are the best marketing techniques” to match the queries being searched by consumers. Here’s a great reference that answers the question, “What is SEO copywriting?

4. Increase Your Article Sizes

A few years ago, a 500 word article would have been considered pretty big for a website. Now, though, we’re finding that articles between 1,000 to 1,500 words are actually outperforming the shorter articles.

This is all down to Google’s mission to deliver the best content to consumers. Therefore, an article which is only 500 words may not fully cover the topic in hand. And, if a rival can provide a fuller, more rounded article, Google are going to rank them higher in the SERP.

SEO is obviously changing, but you don’t need to be left behind. By adopting our best ways to improve your SEO, you’ll find that you manage to stay competitive and bring in the number of consumers that your marketing efforts deserve.