All You Need to Know About How Google AdWords Works

The search marketing world can be a lucrative experience, but it can also be pretty bewildering. After all, the amount of new terms you’ll come across are enough to make your head spin. And then there’s the process of putting all these new terms into practice.

No one is going to fully understand how Google AdWords works overnight, but by learning about the basics you can set yourself up for a smooth introduction. And, if you persist, you’ll soon find that you become a master of Google AdWords.

Let’s get started with the basics of Google AdWords.

What is Google Adwords?

AdWords is, at its most basic interpretation, an online advertising service. However, it’s a little bit more advanced than just sticking an advert in your local paper. With AdWords, advertisers are competing against fellow advertisers in order to deliver their advertising copy to consumers using search engines.

The most common approach is for marketers to bid on specific keywords which relate to their adverts e.g. for a sports clothing company, they would be well advised to bid on “sports clothing” to ensure they were able to reach their intended audience.
Once an advertiser has finalized their bid, their advert should be displayed in the ‘paid ads’ section of the search engine results page (SERP). The ‘paid ads’ section is generally found at the top of the SERP or just to the right, so this gives them access to advertise in prime real estate for their niche.

Obviously, this is a great scenario for the advertiser as it increases the number of conversions, but it’s also good news for Google. And this is because, in order to reach the top of the paid ads, marketers need to bid high to secure this lofty position.
How, then, do you make sure your ad gets as high as it can in the paid ads?

how google adwords works

How do you Master Google AdWords?

There are many techniques and approaches for working within Google AdWords, but, for now, we’re going to concentrate on the most important ones:

  • Keyword Research – To understand which keywords are most important for your niche, you need to do a little digging to unearth these. The most straightforward method of discovering these keywords is to use Google’s Keyword Planner. All you need to do is sign up to the service and then input a few choice words about your industry e.g. “sports clothing” and Keyword Planner will then detail the most searched for keywords in that niche.
  • Keep it Relevant – Make sure that the keywords you choose are directly related to your area of interest. There’s no point going after popular keywords which don’t relate directly to your service product.
  • Create Multiple Campaigns – AdWords allows you to create several different campaigns with your keywords and it’s crucial to take advantage of that. Different products may need different budgets and variations on keywords, so you need to cover multiple bases.
  • Remember Your Budget – Don’t forget that you don’t have a limitless amount of money to back all your campaigns. Make sure your budget is spread sensibly across your campaigns and, if a specific campaign is seeing little return on investment, you need to either modify it or trash it.