Small business blog ideas to kickstart your creativity

It can be hard to consistently come up with creative small business blog ideas when you’re creating content day after day, or week after week. How do you keep churning out quality, helpful content that’s valuable to your customers, while still being efficient with the time you spend blogging vs. focusing on your core business strategy?

Here are a few tips for brainstorming small business blog ideas:

What topics matter to your customer?

The best way to effectively target topics for your small business blog is to first consider the subjects your customers care about the most. What sort of information do they search for online, and what kind of expert advice can you offer that will help them do their jobs or live better? Once you’ve answered these questions, it becomes simple to create a list of topics that fulfill these needs, and are thus relevant to your target market.

What is your target market discussing?

We know you’ve been told to get active on social media a million times by now…but we’re going to say it again! Twitter, in particular, is a great way to take the pulse of what your customer base is talking about, and to determine what concerns and questions they have that you can answer. Whether you tweet every day or not, simply following the right people, including influencers, everyday people in your target market, and members of the media, will give you plenty of current ideas for what to blog about.

What is the news media covering?

Want to stay informed to write about social and industry trends on your small business blog, but don’t have the time to read 10 news outlets a day? No problem! The secret is to monitor news smarter, not longer. Try a content aggregator such as feedly for daily inspiration on a wide variety of topics, from business to pop culture. See what the country is talking about, or discover new developments in your industry, all on one home screen. Just choose what websites you want to follow, organize them by subject matter, and voila! You have an efficient, effective source of inspiration for your small business blog.

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