7 Epic Lessons for Entrepreneurs Found in Famous Song Lyrics

Thank you for tuning in to KHUB, Austin’s best station for cheesy lyrics that can be transformed into epic lessons for entrepreneurs and businesspeople of all types!

That’s right folks, comin’ at you hot from the heart of Texas, we’ve got a seven-song setlist to melt your minds as you grind away at your desk, as you drive home, or as you sit back with a cocktail and brainstorm about your business. Enough of this chit-chat. Let’s get straight to the music:

Track 1: Beat It by Michael Jackson

They’re Out To Get You, Better Leave While You Can
Don’t Wanna Be A Boy, You Wanna Be A Man
You Wanna Stay Alive, Better Do What You Can
So Beat It, Just Beat It

There are so many ways to read business lessons into these lyrics…where do we start?! Your competitors are out to get you. You better leave while you can, to go find some blue ocean!. You want your business to stay alive? You better do everything you can! Hit the streets! Get busy!

Track 2: Gin n’ Juice by Snoop Dogg

Laid back, with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

Okay, maybe this one’s a bit of a stretch. But, we think a lot of entrepreneurs would agree that at least to some degree, their hope is to get to the point where they’re sitting back, laid back, sipping on some gin and juice, just thinking about all the money they’ve made.

Maybe not. But probably. What’s the lesson here? Inspiration! It’s good to have dreams that keep you motivated!

Track 3: …Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

Hit me baby, one more time.

Okay, sorry. We admit, we can’t come up with any good business lessons that can be drawn from this one. We just wanted to check out the video.

PSYCH! We came up with a lot of good business lessons. Our favorite draws on the blackjack reference: when you’ve got a few cards down, and you’re not sure if you should hit. But you do! One more time! Because you’re a risk taker. As an entrepreneur, you have to take risks. So hit me baby, one more time.

Track 4: Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

Workin’ hard to get my fill / Everybody wants a thrill
Payin’ anything to roll the dice / Just one more time
Some will win / Some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on

This one was so obvious that we almost didn’t include it on the list, but in the end, it has to be included. And yes, the lesson is: don’t stop believin’!

Track 5: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe!

This one really boils down to sales, and it’s not so much a lesson as it is a non-lesson. By that, we mean that this is exactly how you should not approach sales. So, the lesson here is that you should approach sales the opposite of the way that Carly Rae Jepsen suggests you should approach sales. But maybe you already knew that. Either way, thanks, Carly!

Track 6: Y.M.C.A. by The Village People

Young man, are you listening to me?
I said, young man, what do you want to be?
I said, young man, you can make real your dreams.
But you got to know this one thing:
No man does it all by himself.

Oh, man. This one is jam packed with epic business lessons. You can make your dreams real! But, remember, you can’t do it all by yourself! You’ve got to have a great team. Who knew the Village People were such great business consultants? Did we mention: this is a must-watch video. Classic.

Track 7: Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

Stop, collaborate and listen.

This is one of the most epic lessons in any song lyrics. As an entrepreneur or professional of any kind, it’s so easy to get caught up in your own ideas and thoughts. So, we recommend listening to this song at least three times a day to remind yourself: stop, collaborate, and listen! Or, if you can remember it on your own, then you don’t have to listen to the song over and over.

Well folks, that concludes tonight’s program. Tune in later for more great posts by the team at HubRunner!