The Easiest & Best Resources to Boost Your Business Marketing Efforts

We’re going to assume that if you’re reading this post, you already know that having a great website is square one for marketing your business in today’s web-focused world. So, beyond having an effective and search engine optimized website, here are five easy and super-effective tools you can use to boost your business’ marketing efforts.

1. Pluggio

We love Pluggio so much that we use it to manage our own Twitter account. It’s a very effective way to systematically grow your business’ Twitter account from scratch into a great forum where you can connect with new partners and potential customers. Learn more at

2. Emma

Sending a monthly newsletter is easy with Emma. While it takes a bit of work to get your template designed the way you want, once it’s done, it’s super easy to use. You can also use Emma to manage drip marketing campaigns! Learn more on Emma’s website.

3. Google Adwords

Generating traffic for your website is really, really important – because without traffic, nobody’s seeing the site! A simple, affordable and easily-managed way to generate traffic is by using pay-per-click ads, and nobody makes it easier than Google. Learn more on the Google Adwords site.

4. Facebook Boosted Posts

So, navigating Facebook’s paid promotions options can be a little confusing, but they offer some great choices. If you’re sharing a blog post that is targeted toward your ideal customer, you can promote that message beyond your current network by paying Facebook. The more you pay, the more people in your target market will see the post. Learn more on Facebook’s website.

5. Google Remarketing

This should probably be included underneath Google Adwords because it’s managed through your Adwords account, but it deserves a standalone mention. Google Adwords’ Remarketing feature lets you serve ads to people who have recently visited your website. Since you only pay when they click, it’s a great way to strengthen brand awareness amongst the folks who have visited your site. Learn more on Google’s remarketing page.

Put these resources to use today to boost your business’ marketing efforts. And, let us know if you’ve found other resources you think we should share with our community!