Website Builders Explained: Creating a Digital Presence

A website builder is software that enables people lacking programming skills to build websites without the assistance of a programmer or website designer. With many different website builders and website service providers to choose from, it’s important for professionals to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each before committing the time and resources necessary to build an effective website.

A recent survey conducted by Econsultancy revealed that 62 percent of companies enjoyed increased sales after optimizing their website for mobile browsing.

A company’s website is often the first place consumers look when considering whether to purchase products or services. In an age where web browsing is available on smartphones and tablets, consumers often access a company’s website using mobile devices. The increasing popularity of web browsing across desktop and mobile devices has heightened the need for businesses to create and maintain a strong presence in today’s digital realm.

In the past, a business website primarily served to deliver informative content to consumers. Today, a business website must be regularly updated and optimized for viewing across multiple devices to meet its full potential and convert visitors into tangible sales opportunities.

In response to demand from companies seeking to remain relevant in their respective industries, a number of website builders have emerged as low-cost options. The more popular website builder platforms like Squarespace and Wix allow a business owner to create the digital presence they sorely need without requiring the technical knowledge – in areas such as HTML programming, CSS styling or web hosting – that was once essential to building a website.

The Time Challenge

While many ‘do-it-yourself’ website builder platforms provide a range of features for consumers to experiment with, the time required to use these tools is not compatible with the packed schedule of the average working professional. Many people find that using a website builder to create their own website requires extensive time spent navigating help files, watching how-to videos, or trying to connect with the website builder’s technical support team. As a business person, hardly anything is more frustrating than waiting on hold for technical support!

The Effectiveness Challenge

For professionals managing the various demands of running a business, the process of creating and maintaining a website can be overwhelming and unrealistically time consuming. Without the resources to focus on using a website builder properly, some professionals end up creating a website that isn’t effective and quickly becomes outdated. In a survey of web users conducted by MarginMedia, 48 percent of the audience revealed a business website that is missing features, loads slowly or isn’t mobile friendly creates the impression that the website owner doesn’t care about their digital presence.

Today’s consumers prefer doing business with conscientious, accessible companies, and having an updated website helps businesses connect with the right customers in the best manner.

In general, many professionals don’t have the time or expertise to build an effective website for their business; and, over time, many professionals don’t put forth the continued effort to keep their website updated. So, while website builder may be a good option for individuals or hobbyists, many professionals find the DIY approach to be too inefficient.

Because of the time and effectiveness challenges associated with website builders, many professionals seek a company like HubRunner that combines a solid website platform with comprehensive, ongoing support. With extensive knowledge of website functionality and search engine optimization, HubRunner’s experts create and manage websites for busy, successful professionals – all for a single, affordable monthly fee.

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