Tips to Improve Your Direct Email Marketing Copywriting

Direct email marketing copywriting can be complicated. How do you grip your prospects, offer your pitch, and get a conversion when people are bombarded with emails every hour of the day? Here are some helpful pointers when developing your marketing emails.

Focus Copy

Focus your audience. Utilizing your direct email marketing copywriting will be most effective if tailored to specific target markets to increase your conversion rates.

Narrowing your focus audience for direct email marketing copywriting can create issues if you get too granular, however, you can craft your copywriting to address common problems that span across industries you work with.

For example, focusing on industries who bill by the hour, like doctors or lawyers, you might tailor your copywriting to offer a solution to save their time. Doctors and lawyers have a distinct understanding of what their time is worth, and showing them how you can save some time can add a lot of value.

Catchy Title

In order to increase your probability of people reading the direct email marketing copywriting that you worked so hard on, you need to hook them with a catchy title.

Here are some ways to write a great headline for your email campaign:

  • Use Data: Including numbers in your title can help build your credibility with the person you are targeting, add urgency to click through, and give a teaser to what the content of the email will be about.
  • Ask Questions: Lead the reader to click through with a simple, relevant question. You can go with a question with an obvious answer, like, “Do you think you pay too much for web services?” or with a question that the reader might like to know the answer to, like, “Want to know how to improve your direct email marketing copywriting? Find out inside.”
  • News: Including current events in your headline as a driving factor to gain clickthrough can be quite effective. Providing your target with interesting news that could have an effect on them is a great motivator.

direct email marketing copywriting

Call to Action

Your direct email marketing copywriting needs to grip your reader, but it also needs to compel them to convert. Your copywriting should identify a problem that the reader may have and should effectively convey your solution.

Your call to action needs to be brief and direct. Tell your reader to “Learn More” or “Look Inside.” People respond to brief, action verbs. You also want to make sure you only include one CTA in your emails, so prospects will know exactly what they need to do.

Make an Offer

The best things in life are free. Reward your readers for opening your emails by offering them something free in return. Free e-books or a free consultation can go a long way with customers and build their trust.

Giving away free or discounted services or promotional items can help you scrape for data on the customers by allowing them to opt in to get the freebies.

To learn more about direct email marketing copywriting, give the experts at HubRunner a call today.

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