Make Your Small Office Space Work For You

Office leases are expensive, and that’s not changing anytime soon. So, many companies are downsizing to small office spaces to conserve some capital.

Start ups and other small companies have to make the most out of small office spaces, but sometimes, making the most out of a small office can be difficult. Here are some tips for making your small office space work for you:

Communal Area

In small office spaces, things can get kind of cramped. Delegating a spot as a communal space can encourage movement and communication. No one wants to sit at their desk all day and stare at their computer, so give yourself a break and talk to your coworkers.

Natural Light

Letting in natural light (the sun, not the beer) can help improve moods and increase productivity. Spending the whole day under flourescent lighting is never fun. Letting a little sun in can do wonders for anyone.

small office space

Make the Flow

Organizing your desk or office can help you stay focused and avoid clutter in small office space. We touched on how office feng shui can help you improve your work life, and keeping your desk space neat can add to that.

Utilize Shelves

When your space is too small, go up! Small office spaces can really benefit from shelving units that allow for storage space moving up the walls. You can find them cheaply, or build them yourself. Shelving units are a great way to increase the effectiveness of your small office space.

Make it Your Own

Decorating your office can lead to increased productivity and happiness for your employees. The way your office looks can directly reflect your company’s culture, and allowing your employees to help decorate the office can be a fun, collaborative experience.

Make your small office look great and increase your employee’s morale. To learn more about life in small offices, give HubRunner a call today.

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