How to Start a Website – the Smart Way

There are plenty of reasons you need a website. Maybe you are starting a business and you want to get the word out. Maybe you want to showcase your lawyer profile. No matter what, you need to know how to start a website.

Here’s a quick guide on how to start a website:


When you are starting your website, you need to have a clear purpose and direction. Is your site going to be a personal website, a business website, a landing page for lead generation, or some other kind of marketing site?

Get a URL

You need to secure your domain name, or URL, for your website. There are plenty of sources that you can purchase your domain name from. URLs are usually purchased and renewed annually.

Your domain name is the first thing people will see when they go to your website. So, if you are creating a business website, you want to make sure your URL is going to be professional and represent your brand aptly.

Determine Hosting

After you purchase your URL, you need to find a place to host your website. Normally, to host a website you will need to work with a web hosting company.

There are tons of web hosting companies out there, and they are not all created equally. Researching different web hosting companies is a must for your website, regardless of what kind of website you are looking to create.

how to start a website

Design the Site

Creating your design is one of the most important aspects of your website. You need to have a clear goal for what you want your website to be in order to determine your layout. Designing a personal website for your artwork will be completely distinct from your business website for your law firm.

At this point in your website creation process, it’s time to determine how you are going to build your site. You can go a number of different ways when deciding how to design your website. Some of the more common design strategies are:

  • Do it yourself: use a DIY website builder to create your content and layout your pages
  • Hire a custom designer: use a custom web developer to help you create the website you want
  • Use a platform: work with a team with a platform to make your site professional

Creating quality content and making sure your website is responsive are key points to consider when designing your website. Here are some other suggestions about what to include to make your website great.

Looking Forward

Creating your website is only the beginning. You will want to think of ways to improve the quality of your site as time goes on. Adding new, original content or improving your SEO are great ways to make your website flourish over time.

You need to make sure that you have access – either personally or through an updates manager – to make important changes to your website.

Learning how to start a website might seem like a daunting task at first, but getting your site created, launched, and optimized for search engines has never been easier.

If you have questions about how to start a website, contact the website experts at HubRunner today!