How To Improve Your Business LinkedIn

In today’s corporate world, LinkedIn is to professional networking to what Facebook is for social circles. As more businesses create and use their LinkedIn profile to cast a wider net of contacts and partners, it’s even more valuable to use LinkedIn as a means to compete with the current corporate market.

LinkedIn uses an internal set of algorithms to prioritize certain profiles over others, giving the businesses and individuals who have optimized their accounts correctly a leg up in using the service to find jobs, clients and more. If you’re using LinkedIn for any of these purposes, getting a strong ranking in its internal search results should be a top priority. We’ve outlined a few of the best ways to compete with a saturated social media market and utilize your LinkedIn profile to increase business success and online visibility.

LinkedIn SEO: How To Increase The Visibility Of Your Business Profile

In his article for Entrepreneur, AJ Kumar, CEO of Limitless Publishing, outlines four ways to increase your partnerships with other businesses and optimize your profile presence on social networking.

Fill Out Your Profile Completely:
This gives LinkedIn additional opportunities to identify search-related keywords in your profile. The company is also more likely to rank completed profiles over partially finished ones. If you aren’t sure if you’ve filled out your profile completely, LinkedIn provides a helpful tracker in each profile that shows both the percentage of fields completed and any specific areas that still need information.

Include Relevant Search Keywords In Profile Areas:
Include keywords you’d like your name to appear in for LinkedIn’s internal search results. Keywords you add in your LinkedIn profile shouldn’t be the same long-tail search engine optimization phrases you target on your website. Instead, the keywords in your profile should be those that a potential client or employer would enter into the LinkedIn search bar.

improve your business linkedin

Expand The Size Of Your Network:
You will improve your LinkedIn profile’s visibility in the search results by expanding your network. First, make it a point to connect with your past coworkers, managers, clients and other contacts. Once you’ve completed this step, you can try to further improve your LinkedIn search presence by reaching out to new contacts, especially people who share your professional interests and qualifications.

Participate In Linkedin Groups:
If you aren’t having much luck connecting with new contacts, you can join groups to boost your overall level of profile activity. To find groups to join, you can search LinkedIn using your industry’s keywords, as well as see which groups the members of your network participate in. Once you become part of a group, do your best to contribute in a positive and professional way. Simply joining a group isn’t as beneficial to your search ranking as actively engaging with it.

LinkedIn: 10 Top Tips To Raise Your LinkedIn Profile, Increase Your Businesses

how to improve your business linkedin
Small business owners identified that the creation of a profile on a social media network was the most ideal marketing option in comparison to the yellow pages, radio and print ads. LinkedIn expert and mentor, Julie Yates, identifies several ways to connect and generate revenue from a LinkedIn profile and compete with a challenging, ever changing marketplace.

She cites that LinkedIn reports that potential employers, clients & customers will be scrutinizing your profile, so the need to create an outstanding profile is essential in order to make a fantastic online impression.

  • Finish your LinkedIn profile page to 100% complete. Use LinkedIn to Include a photograph.
  • Use LinkedIn to lavish key words & phrases into every one of your LinkedIn profile & job description scripts.
  • Use 50% of your invitations to connect with others who have more than 500 LinkedIn profile connections.
  • Sign up to a minimum of 45 of the 50 LinkedIn experts, LinkedIn tips, talent LinkedIn, LinkedIn blog, LinkedIn reports, LinkedIn articles and LinkedIn news groups available to you & post a sales or marketing message once a week on every group posting and related LinkedIn blogs.
  • Ensure you have a minimum of 3 LinkedIn profile recommendations listed on your LinkedIn profile page. If you do, you are 3 times more likely to be found via the LinkedIn profile search listings.
  • Use every one of your 3,000 LinkedIn profile invitations that LinkedIn gives most new members.
  • Use LinkedIn to change & add a new short posting at the top of your LinkedIn profile page once a week.
  • Use the LI Advanced Search Facility to connect with people from your industry sector.
  • Once you’ve reached 500 LinkedIn profile connections join the Black Belt POWER Networkers group & also become a LION Linked In Open Networker.
  • Hire in a LinkedIn marketing specialist consultant to write everything for your profile.

Small Business Chronicle: How LinkedIn Can Increase Business

In order to tap into and resource Linkedins ability to enhance your online presence you must make your business everyone else’s business. By doing so you will see a significant increase in your corporate visibility and establish what you can offer to other businesses, and vice versa, in regards to networking, access and information.

LinkedIn revives the idea of networking and helps target networking specifically to your business. LinkedIn may be an online network, but it has protection in place to prevent spam-like time wasters. You are able to operate within your degree of connections to other people on the site and seek out others that your connections are connected to.

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Access To People:
As you gain more credibility, your company will gain more business, therefore, you will need to enhance your talent pool. Through LinkedIn, you can zero in on prospective employees who have the talent your team needs to be complete. You can search for specific people or by terminology specific to your industry that LinkedIn members may have on their resumes.

Untapped Information:
If you run your company with “never stop learning” in mind, you’ll want to learn how LinkedIn’s groups can help you increase business. Groups are like small online forums or message boards, devoted to every possible topic. You can join groups dedicated to your industry, then start getting messages about breaking news, new developments and messages from industry leaders. You can participate in groups as well through message board posts and polls, getting your own voice out there and recognized

Follow these helpful tips to improve your business LinkedIn page today. Check out our previous HubRunner Picks post about how to improve your social media presence, and let us know what you think.

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