How to Set Up a Twitter Page for Your Business

Mastering Twitter should be one of your number one goals when it comes to perfecting your social media marketing strategies. You see, there’s estimated to be just over 300 million monthly users on Twitter, so it’s not an audience you can afford to ignore!

To ensure that you capture the audience your business deserves, however, you have to know how to set up a Twitter page correctly. Design just one element incorrectly and you’ll find that your tweets don’t reach their full potential.

In order for your business to get the best out of Twitter we’re going to show you how to set up a Twitter page correctly.

Get Signed Up!

We’re going to start with the very basics to make sure you understand how to set up a Twitter page inside out, so the first thing you want to do is head over to and hit the ‘Sign up for Twitter’ button.

You’ll then be asked to enter the following information:

  • Full name
  • Phone or email
  • Password

Once you’ve completed this section you’ll be asked for the big one: your username!

how to set up a twitter

Choosing a Username

Your username on Twitter is crucial in portraying your brand and making sure it’s recognizable to anyone who sees it, so you need to make sure you consider the following when choosing:

  • It needs to be as short as possible, but still recognized as your brand. This is because if someone tweets you then your username will take up a proportion of the 140 characters allowed
  • Don’t use numbers as they look spammy and are favored by automatic bot accounts
  • Go for something which is easy to remember and people don’t have to search high and low for when composing tweets

And once you enter your username you’ll be advised if it’s available via a tick and, if not available, notified by a big red cross! If it’s available then select ‘Next’, so that you can start making some connections.

Get Connected

By default, your Twitter page will start off as a very lonely place with no one for you to follow. However, Twitter’s a friendly old brand that firmly believes in connecting its users, so it will suggest accounts for you to follow via its ‘What are you interested in?’ page. This provides recommendations for accounts you should follow.

You should follow at least 40 accounts to start getting used to the community vibe of Twitter and understanding how people interact on the platform.

And it’ll soon be time for you to start interacting with your fellow Twitter users, but first of all you need to polish your page a little bit.

Upload a Profile Picture and Header

Your main Twitter page will be setup now, but it’s probably looking a bit plain. Therefore, the first step is to upload a profile picture and header to help identify who’s tweeting.

When choosing your profile picture it’s always a good idea to go for your company logo as it will be recognizable to existing customers and also sum up your brand quickly for new customers. All you have to do is click on the ‘Add an avatar’ box which contains a camera icon on the far left of the screen. You can then upload your profile picture.

The header image is equally as important due to the web’s trend for becoming more visual, so it’s essential you choose an image which can satisfy the following needs:

  • Does it sum up what your brand’s about and can offer?
  • Is it creative enough to make people think?
  • Does the image deliver a striking, visual hit?

Once you’ve chosen your profile picture and header images then there’s just one thing left to do: start tweeting!

Delivering your Tweets

The moment has come where you’re finally ready to tweet, but what should you actually tweet about? Well, as with all marketing strategies you need some diversity in your tweets, so consider the following:

  • Exclusive Twitter promotions to help cement your Twitter account as something unique where following you has exclusive benefits
  • Sharing new content such as blog posts or press releases
  • Responding to customer queries as Twitter is fast becoming the first place consumers head to with customer service issues
  • Anything you feel that your customers would appreciate e.g. industry specific news

These tips should help you understand how to set up a Twitter page, so hopefully you’ll be tweeting in no time!

To learn more about how to set up a Twitter page for your business or any other social media, give the experts at a call, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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