HubRunner Picks: Improve Your Business Instagram

The sudden rise of Instagram has had a phenomenal effect on the way we communicate via social media and our presence within the virtual community. As more and more companies turn towards Instagram as a place for strategic marketing and content branding, the social media site is becoming a hotbed for advertising in a creative and resourceful way. Although, building up a community of followers while attracting new Instagram users can be a lot more challenging then one might realize.

It can be a bit more complicated than your average Facebook or Twitter post and growing a following of users who are actually interested in your content takes a lot more time investment then simply regurgitating the same material everyday.

Have no fear! We’ve researched the best tips and tricks to get you on your way to a better business Instagram presence.

BOOM Social: 10 Instagram Tools For Small Business Owners

Kim Garst of Boom Social, a media marketing company, outlines various creative and insightful ways to enhance your Instagram community and how to keep them interested in your content. In order to save time and money, she encourages businesses to invest in either a free or paid for analytic program that tracks and provides statistics on who is following you and how to tap into unfamiliar territory.


Here are a few of her tried and true favorites:

  • Iconosquare: an Instagram management tool that allows you to manage your conversations, customize how you view your feed, analyse which photos are resonating with your audience, optimize your photos and much more. You can also use Inconosquare to promote your Instagram account outside of the platform; perfect for businesses that are new to Instagram but have a strong following on Facebook.
  • Websta: Since instagram is only available on mobile phones and hand held technology, Websta allows you to access your Instagram account via your computer. Giving you access to basic features like commenting and liking, the platform also gives you the ability to organize your posts, subscribe to users and get statistics for your account.
  • Free Measured Instagram User Report: If you’re interested in knowing how effectively your business is using Instagram, you’ll want to check out this free Instagram tool. Simply input your user name, and the tool will tell you which photos are working best, which are working well outside of Instagram and how your performance is trending.

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The Science Of Instagram: How To Get More Followers And Likes

With over 150 million users, Instagram is being used by hundreds of multi million dollar companies in order to target their audience and successfully market their greatest and latest products and offers. Wishpond Technologies has pinned down the science behind their Instagram presence and how your business can specifically emulate their strategies and successfully build your Instagram community by utilizing your current social media platforms.

  • Promote your Instagram photos on your Facebook page in order to get more likes on both sites: Instagram already gives to the option to do so when posting on your instagram account so make sure to take advantage of it. Facebook is a great platform for sharing photos. The bigger News Feed allows for big, high-res images. You can turn Facebook Fans into Instagram Followers by posting “Instagram Exclusive” teasers on your Facebook Page with a link to check out all of the exclusive content on your Instagram account. This is a great idea if you are looking for solutions on how to get more Instagram followers.
  • Instagram Contests: this a powerful solution to expand your audience and potential customers list. By providing a small prize like a gift card to your store you can entice tons of people to follow and talk about you on Instagram. One type of contest that drive new Likes and Followers is a “Like-to-win” contest. Just ask participants to like your post (by double clicking on it) and follow you. This can get you lots more followers on Instagram, without asking much from potential customers.
  • Comment on and like other peoples posts: Interacting with other users on Instagram is the best way to get them interacting with you. Find users who post similar images and videos as you and comment on or like them. You can easily find great photos to comment on and like by searching for hashtags similar to the ones you use. Another way you can do this is by exploring which hashtags are used most by your current followers. This will make it easier for you to expand your reach with that audience.
  • Use popular hashtags: Hashtags are the top way people find new photos on Instagram. Look at the most common hashtags that your target audience uses in your photos and start adding them to your own. You can also find out which ones are trending to add hashtags that are popular now. Check out http://web/ to find out which hashtags are trending.

Convert With Content: 11 Ways To Make Your Businesses Instagram Presence Better

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Instagram is currently one of the few social media sites that has yet to be tapped for ad placement and obvious marketing tactics, making it the perfect place to not only increase business awareness but to also show a companies fun, creative side…a huge attraction for the younger generations. Stephanie Frasco, of Convert With Content, outlines specific ways to increase ones professional Instagram presence.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Share User-Generated Content: Sharing is caring, and there’s no better way to remain fresh and current as sharing topics and headlines that are related to your business
  • Host A Sweepstakes Or Contest: Since everyone loves winning and free things, hosting a contest draws in an audience and creates a fun, competitive digital atmosphere. It’s also a great way to show off what your company specializes in and provides to consumers.
  • Use Content That Looks Natural: Since Instagram is all about the visual, using real shots of your brand, office space, day to day interactions, builds a community and relationship with others. It’s a great way to show off your companies creative side but still remaining true to a professional, smart atmosphere.
  • Find And Connect With Your Local Following: “Locals Love Us” is one of the most encouraging aspects of a business right now, especially for smaller, upstart companies who rely on local support to function.
  • Be On The Trend: No what’s up! Whether in the community or international relations, being relevant in hot topics and the local buzz will attract an audience to your Instagram account. You want to be one of the first sources of dialogue before anywhere else.

Follow these helpful tips to improve your business Instagram today. Check out our previous HubRunner Picks post about how to improve your social media presence, and let us know what you think.

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