HubRunner Picks: Blogging Resources for Restaurant Owners

Blogging Resources for Restaurant OwnersRunning a restaurant is more than just putting good food on a plate. In order to run a restaurant as a successful business, you need to be educated about the restaurant and hospitality industry as a whole. Following and reading restaurant blogs and informational sites can not only keep you in the loop, but you can also gain a fresh perspective and new ideas from reading about what others are doing.

Restaurant blogs can be the perfect place for you to learn and find what you need to grow your business as well as spread your brand. Whether you are researching health and safety regulations or looking at hot, new food trends for your business, sites with resources for restaurants are a great way for those in the industry to stay up to date. We have gathered some sites and blogs that restaurant owners should be reading and contributing to on a regular basis in order to attract new clientele and hospitality practices.

The Restaurant Managers Office: Top Blog Resources for Owners-The Back Burner

Recently, a website ranked the top 60 restaurant industry blogs. The Back Burner came in at number one and is said that any restaurant manager and owner needs to be reading it for the most lucrative business ideas and current industry trends. This blog compiles the writings of some of the best restaurant consultants, trainers, and bloggers from around the industry. It also contains tremendous insights on equipment and procedures that have never been accessible all in one place. It even organizes the previous posts into an easy to navigate resource center to put the information you need at your finger tips. If you run a restaurant, you should be reading The Back Burner.

best Blogging Resources for Restaurant Owners

Take some time to look at the retail end of their website as well. Tundra has invested time, energy, and money in provide an incredible amount of information to help make your business more profitable. Plenty of companies are glad to sell you their products, but this one is putting forth the effort to help you make your restaurant better. Greg McGuire compiles the information and takes on a bulk of the writing duties. His writing style is easy to understand and incredibly readable.

The blog itself is hosted by Tundra Specialities, a restaurant supply company offering nearly everything you could need to run a restaurant except the food itself. This provides a tremendous knowledge base to mine for information about restaurant operations that most bloggers lack access too.

Ice Machine Blog: 20 Blogs For The Restaurant Industry

One of the qualities of any successful restaurant owner is that they are constantly researching and learning new ways to make their restaurant busier and to run more efficiently. As a leader in the restaurant blogging business, Ice Machine Plus Blogs compiled the top 20 blogs for any one looking to revamp their brand or needing help navigating the recent changes in the business, whether it is current trends or new laws. We’ve listed a few below to help you get started and on your way to attracting more business and becoming more successful!

easy Blogging Resources for Restaurant Owners


Encouraging chefs to join the fight in committing to a more sustainable way of food production, the Chef’s Collaborative teaches both old and new chefs about ways to source, cook, and serve their food. Sustainability is the main focus of this blog filled with podcasts, interviews, and advice.


Restaurant Business Online hones in on the nuts and bolts of running a restaurant, whether you’re talking about menu development, boosting sales, or business trends. The writing on this blog is as much curation as creation, as they bring you stories from some of the most highly regarded sources in the industry.


Family Hospitality focuses on offering kid-centric and kid-focused custom marketing solutions to the restaurant industry. The blog focuses on family restaurants and their ability to remain profitable with kid-oriented promotions. There are also several articles devoted to digital marketing and trends within that industry.


Cheftalk is a set of forums and message boards focused on chefs talking with chefs. Here, you’ll find discussions about what types of ovens to use, how to make the most out of your cleavers, and the best way to choose a culinary school. There are no-holds-barred in this ultra-frank, ultra-informative forum.

Orders2.Me: Blog Tips For Restaurant Owners


Orders2.Me is on the mission to help local restaurants thrive in the new digital economy. The blog is designed to give local restaurants best practices from some of the top restaurants in the world today.

There are a plethora of reasons why every restaurant owner should do their best to maintain a blog for their small business. Even if you understand the importance of blogging as a restaurateur, that doesn’t mean it is any easier to sit down, start writing, and produce a piece of content that you are proud of. Blogging can be hard, and it isn’t a skill that comes naturally to many small business owners. Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing your blogging content.

  • Adapt the right tone: The last thing you want to do with your blogging is bore your potential customers, so think about writing with a tone and in a style that people would actually enjoy reading. This usually means keeping things loose and having a little fun as you write. However, you will need to find the right tone for YOUR audience. Knowing your audience is one of the most important things you can do as an aspiring blogger, and once you know a bit about who you are writing for, adjust your tone accordingly. Start with a conversational tone, and adapt your writing to find the right tone for your audience.
  • Remain consistent: Your blog should function as a regularly updated source of news about your business and anything else that is interesting to you as a restaurant owner. If you don’t keep your blog updated regularly and post things consistently, you won’t ever build up a loyal readership. If the idea of writing something new on a weekly or bi-weekly basis intimidates you, there are a few things that you can do to help plan ahead and make sure that content remains consistent. First, sit down and brainstorm a big list of potential blog topics, so that you have something to start with if you end up getting writer’s block the day before you should be uploading something to your site. Then, if you have the time and creative energy, consider writing a few blog posts ahead in order to have extra posts in case of emergency. Do anything you can to keep your content consistent!
  • Explore guest posts: If you are hoping to get some major exposure for your business through your blogging, explore the idea of guest blogging as well. Think about places where you could volunteer to do your own writing, and share posts for free. When you do so, the publication or website you are blogging for will usually let you link back to your own site for extra views. Make a list of publications in your niche and organizations in your area, and start putting out feelers looking for places to guest blog.
  • Get Social: Spend some time looking back through your most successful posts, and see if you can make any notes about what kind of content does well with your audience. Look at your posts that have gotten the most engagement, as well as your posts that have reached the widest audience. Then, spend some time thinking about how you can say something original and interesting about the same subject. As long as you research and write well, you can rely on social media to find topics that are home runs with your audience.