Website Hosting

The must-know info about website hosting: it’s easy—and important—to understand.

A website is a set of digital files stored on a server (server is another name for a computer hard drive). When a user goes to access a website, they are accessing the data stored on that server. Your website files have to be stored on a server somewhere – that is called hosting.

The costs associated with small business website hosting include electricity, security and facility management. Of course, those costs are distributed amongst all of the websites hosted in a given facility, so hosting a single small business website usually costs around $10 per month.

”At HubRunner, the cost of website hosting is included in your monthly fee.”

Sometimes a data center – the name for a facility that manages servers – has a problem. This can involve anything from severe weather to just plain human error; no data center is perfect. To address this risk, we also include – in your monthly fee – the cost of backing up an exact replica of your website. This allows us to rapidly correct any problems that might come up with your site ensuring you are always covered.

We do everything we possibly can to make sure our clients’ websites don’t go down.

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