Dedicated Account Representative

Having a dedicated account representative manage your website will save you time and money.

HubRunner provides ongoing customer support and up to two hours of updates every month. In short, we provide websites as a service. This means each customer has a dedicated account representative who is only a phone call away. Our account specialists have a full working knowledge of you account – and can quickly and efficiently make the updates you need.

Some typical website updates include:

  • Changing the content of a page or adding a new page
  • Adding or replacing photos and video to your site
  • Adding sidebars to a page for anything from contact forms to advertisements
  • Helping you understand your website analytics

Have a question about integrating your site with other webs services? Your dedicated account specialists can help answer any questions you may have. From integrating your site with social media, to accepting online payments, we take pride in providing our customers the most comprehensive – and cost effective – website consultation and support.

At HubRunner, our success is based on your satisfaction with our product – not the up-front sale of the site itself. This is why HubRunner has nothing but 5 star customer ratings on yelp.

Email or call us at (512) 703-0503 to speak with a dedicated account specialist about how HubRunner can help your business succeed.

Got a question about why it’s important to have a dedicated account specialist? Contact us at or tweet us @hubrunnerweb or visit our Facebook page to get in touch.