Contact Forms

Properly designed contact forms are one important way to get more customers from your website.

“Contact forms are a great way to capture leads from your website.”

What would you like your website visitors to do? Contact you, of course! Some folks prefer calling you on the phone, some folks prefer sending an email. And yes, some people prefer filling out a website contact form and submitting it so that you can contact them later.

Contact forms are a great way to capture leads from your website. When a site visitor calls, emails, or submits a website contact form, it’s called a “conversion.” For most small businesses, converting website visitors is the name of the game. And including contact forms on your website – along with a clear, bold call to action – is a great way to convert website visitors.

Contact forms are a critical component of a strong website, so we don’t charge you extra for including them on your site. Yes, believe it or not, other companies charge you more to include forms on your website. We think that’s a load of horse manure.

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