Website Backups

Backing up your website on a regular basis is just as important as making sure it’s secure.

While HubRunner websites are carefully managed by our business website professionals, there is always the chance that someone gets access to your password or is somehow able to hack into a site. This is extremely rare. However, each HubRunner website is backed up once per week through our automated backup system.

This included feature makes full copies of every page, post, and image on your site. This system also backs up admin and design settings so that no time is lost on your end if your site ever goes down. With HubRunner, you can rest assured that if anything does go wrong or your site goes down, your dedicated account specialist will have the most recent backup online within a matter of minutes.

Got a question about website backups? Send us a message at or tweet us @hubrunnerweb or visit our Facebook page to get in touch.