Domain Management

Know the basics of domain management, whether or not you already own your domain name.

Some of our clients already own the website domain they want to use. Most of our clients don’t. So, we make the process easy. If the website domain you want to use happens to be already reserved by somebody else, we’ll help you find another one that’s available.

Picking the right domain isn’t as easy as finding one that sounds good. If you’re a local small business, you might consider including the name of your town – or even the name of your primary product.

If you reserve a domain name with any of the popular providers – like GoDaddy or Network Solutions – you’ll pay anywhere from $9 to $12 per year for a .com domain name. We include the cost of your domain name in your monthly HubRunner fee. But we also include the cost of managing that domain.

There are many aspects to managing a domain name. First of all, it has to be registered and renewed – if the ownership term of the domain lapses, someone else can buy it. Second, it has to be configured so that an Internet user who tries to access the domain is directed to the proper server where your website is hosted.

In short, it is critical that your website and domain are professionally and continuously monitored. HubRunner’s domain management system automatically checks the status of your domain name and website every 10 seconds. This allows up to identify problems and deliver solutions as fast as possible.

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