HubRunner office poll: Our favorite apps

I have a confession to make. As part of the HubRunner team, I may spend my days helping build custom websites, but my office organizational habits are decidedly old school. We’re talking steno pads filled with to-do lists and post-it notes blanketing my monitor — I may have even scrawled a note on the back of my hand once or twice. Something had to change. So I put out the call to the rest of the HubRunner team for their favorite apps. With their help, I’m going to streamline my work life and clear my desk. Without further ado, I present the first HubRunner office poll: Our favorite apps.


This app — whose tagline is “put email in its place” — helps you whittle your inbox down to zero. You can assign emails to lists, archive them, or say “come back later” all with a swipe. Cassie, our Operations Director, uses this app to tackle email when she’s not near her computer.


Shelby uses this photo app instead of the default camera on his iPhone. “It takes sharper pictures and has awesome built-in photo editing capabilities,” he says. “As a side note, I have recently gotten better at using the Panorama feature in the default iPhone camera app, which is really cool.”


We like this simple to-do list app so much that we featured it in our July IdeaLetter. There are no bells and whistles — it just works. And the best part? It’s free.


This free app is designed by LinkedIn, and stores all of your business cards in one location. Then it automatically cross references the information on a stored card with that person’s LinkedIn profile. Both Dusty and Cassie say CardMunch is helpful for networking.

RSSRadio Podcast Downloader

Amy uses this app every day. “It automatically downloads my favorite podcasts, which is great for getting you through the workday or a workout,” she says. “The free version has ads and is limited to three subscriptions, but with a simple one-time in app purchase, you can easily eliminate the ads and upgrade to unlimited podcast subscriptions.”


The whole office is taken with this little app. ClipMenu lets you store text on a clipboard (canned emails, contact information, code snippets, etc.) that you can access and paste just by right clicking your mouse.

What apps do you use to get through the work day? Let us know in the comments!