Five most FRIGHTENING website design HORRORS that SCARE away customers

AMC’s annual Fear Fest movie marathon kicks off this week, so in our book, that means it’s time to start celebrating Halloween! To get in the spirit, we’ve put together a list of the top five bad website design choices that may scare website visitors away from your small business.

Don’t let decaying website design mean the untimely death of your business or nonprofit— say RIP to these five spine-chillingly worst web design practices.

1. TERRIFYING copywriting

From spooky spelling mistakes to ghoulish grammatical errors, poor website copywriting undermines your organization’s branding efforts and the quality of your product or service. Ensure your website copy is clear, concise and free of mistakes, or risk scaring away potential customers.

2. DREADFUL response for mobile devices

Nothing is more hair-raising than visiting a website on your mobile device, only to be met with an eerie error message. Many consumers today rely on their smart phones and tablets to search the internet, so it’s vital for websites to be optimized for mobile devices.

3. BLOODCURDLING automatic music

Shriek! Don’t go in there—that homepage plays a midi of Mozart’s Fur Elise! Nothing is more terrifying than a website with someone else’s emotionally scarring choice of background muzak. If website visitors wanted a soundtrack to their browsing experience, they would already be streaming Spotify or loading up their latest iTunes playlist.

4. GHASTLY animated gifs

If your website was a horror movie about a group of teens spending the weekend in a cabin in the woods, your animated gifs would be the first to die. Dangerously dated and offensive to the eye, animated gifs should have been dead and buried in 1998, but it turns out it was a cursed burial ground, so now the unholy remains are still terrorizing the internet to this day. To rid your website of these demonic designs, we’re going to need an old priest and a young priest…

5. CREEPY “Coming Soon” placeholder page

More frightful than that abandoned haunted house in Amityville you entered on a dare, the gruesome “coming soon” page will stop website visitors dead in their tracks. If one of your web pages doesn’t have content yet, don’t torment visitors by taking it live! Like a dead-eyed Romero zombie, the placeholder page makes your website seem like a hollow shell with no real content, stumbling along the highway in search of braaaains.

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