HubRunner office poll: Business reading list

Having a solid business reading list to keep up with news, trends and tips is a must in today’s ever-changing business environment. But which resources are relevant to your business and worth spending time on? At HubRunner, we recognize that, as a small business owner, your hands are already pretty full. So for this week’s blog post, we’ve conducted an office round up of our favorite websites, newsletters and blogs to narrow it down for you.

Presenting, HubRunner office poll: Business reading list.

Speak Out Small Business

This website is a host of blog posts with topics and subjects specific to small businesses, written by fellow businesses owners and entrepreneurs. Members of this free online community have access to posts in categories such as: sales and marketing, leadership and strategy, and technology tools and resources, just to name a few.

Search Engine Journal

The Search Engine Journal is all about… you guessed it: Search Engine Optimization! HubRunner’s resident SEO expert Jonathan regularly uses this resource with articles written by industry experts to keep up with the latest trends and strategies in SEO and online marketing. New to SEO? Check out our post the basics of SEO for a simplified explanation.


Bethany turns to Copyblogger to keep her content marketing skills fresh. From advice on developing marketing content, to improving your blogging and hosting better webinars, this blog has a little bit of everything for content marketing pros. Along with five-six articles per week, Copyblogger also offers access to helpful seminars, webinars, e-books and discussion forums.

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