Six time-saving tips for entrepreneurs

Do a Google search and you’ll quickly find a vast array of time-saving tips for entrepreneurs. But on top of running a business, who has time to sift through the approximate 36,200,000 hits to find which ones will work best for you? We know you don’t. That’s why we’ve done the work and narrowed it down to a few basics for you! So, without wasting any more time… here are six time-saving tips for entrepreneurs, to get you started:

1. Be prepared for the next day

Take time in the evening to get things ready for the next day. This will make your morning routine much smoother and less stressful, especially for those of us who like to hit the snooze button once or twice. Lay out your clothes, prepare lunch and get the coffee pot ready (unless you’re lucky and have Keurig… in that case, the rest of us envy you). Developing this habit will make your morning activities seamless, and you might find that you have time to spare for a little extra “snoozing.”

2. Develop a plan

Make a point to take the first 15-20 minutes or so at beginning of each day to plan out your activities. Set a schedule, make a list and prioritize tasks. Blocking out specific times for answering emails and returning phone calls can help avoid time wasted by checking your phone or inbox every five minutes. Schedule the most important tasks first, and don’t forget to include breaks every now and then.

3. Tackle that inbox

The Mailbox app is great for this! It even made the list as one of our favorite apps for our previous blog post, HubRunner office poll: Our favorite apps. Mailbox easily allows you to delete, archive and save emails with a single swipe. On another email-related note, unsubscribe from any unnecessary newsletters and email lists, or set up an additional address separate from your business email. This way, you can focus on emails that actually need your attention and avoid the distracting ones.

4. Eat well, get rest & exercise

This sounds basic and, let’s be honest, a little bit unrealistic for busy entrepreneurs – but a balanced diet, adequate sleep and exercise are all essential to staying healthy, productive and alert. Incorporate working out, preparing meals and getting to bed at a reasonable hour into your schedule. After a while, it will become routine and you’ll be a happy, healthy and well-rested business owner! Check out this Forbes article on Health and Fitness Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs for inspiration.

5. Use the Mint to manage budgets and finances

As an entrepreneur, staying on top of finances well is essential. But in addition to all of the other demanding tasks you have to manage, budgets and pesky little receipts are the last thing you want to try and keep track of. Mint links to your bank account and organizes your transactions according to categories and budgets you set up on their website or through the Mint app. It updates daily and emails you a weekly spending report so you can see exactly where you stand with each of your budgets.

6. Get organized

Having a clean, organized work space is key for achieving optimal productivity. Remove any clutter or unessential items from your desk and make a designated place for everything else. With a clear workspace, you eliminate wasted time digging through piles of paper, folders, etc. looking for things, like that one important memo you hastily scribbled on a yellow post-it two weeks ago (we’ve all been there). Also, get in the habit of leaving your desk cleaned off and organized at the end of each work day – that way you’re already off to a good start the next time you come into the office.

There you have it. Hopefully these basic time-saving tips will get you on the right path of managing your personal life, business and everything else that comes your way a little more efficiently. It may take a bit of effort on the front end, but after a while these time-saving tips will develop into habits you won’t be able to live without. Now, get to work!