3 Questions to Consider When Looking for Web Design Inspiration

Creating a website for your company can cause a lot of creative dissonance: you want the website to look professional, but personal, creative, but functional, advanced, but easy to use.

Your website is like the digital storefront of your business, so it’s important to consider why your site is laid out the way it is when you begin designing the site.

1. How will it look on other devices?

Almost no one browses the internet on only a computer nowadays. And even for the few who might, there are a myriad of different screen sizes. Making your website responsive on multiple devices is critical.

In the wake of “Mobilegeddon,” Google has made it clear that mobile-friendly, responsive devices are going to be ranked higher in searches. People searching for your company (or your competitors) now need to be able to see your website clearly and easily from their phones and tablets as well as their computers.

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2. Can my website convert customers?

Your website could look as fancy as a painting from the Renaissance, but if it isn’t telling your customers who you are, what you do, why they should choose you, and how they can contact you, it won’t be doing you much good.

You need to have Calls to Action (CTAs) throughout your site. CTAs will help guide viewers on your site to opt-in to your business. In the past, it was assumed all CTAs should be above the fold. While there may still be some truth to the importance of CTAs being above the fold, research shows that people may respond positively to CTAs below the fold, as well.
When you search for web design inspiration, it’s important to consider how your design is going to work for you to further your business.

3. Does my website represent my brand?

While this might sound obvious, it’s something that can be overlooked in modern web design. Think about the factors of your brand. How do you want to be perceived? If you are wanting to seem streamlined and professional, you might consider a clean layout.

While this style obviously isn’t for everyone, there are some considerable benefits you might want to weigh when thinking about your website design.

The HubRunner Platform offers comprehensive answers to these questions. Our Platform’s responsive structure ensures that websites look good on every device a customer might be using, and when creating your website, strategic CTAs and your company’s brand are at the forefront of your Onboarding Manager’s mind.

If you’re interested in seeing what HubRunner can do with your new website, schedule a demo today!

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