What Makes a Good Web Page Great?

So, you have your current web page, but is it performing as well as it should? Here are some tips to help take your website from good to great.

1. Gather Analytics

Analytics tell the story that you can’t see yourself. Is your website being seen? If so, how long? Where are your customers looking?

There are plenty of websites out there to help you discover your own analytics and get suggestions on how to improve them over time. One of the major factors that you can track with any analytics software is the elusive bounce rate.

Decreasing your bounce rate requires an insight into who is going to your web page, why they are going to your web page, and what they are getting from it. Some of the reasons people might leave a website are:

great web page

2. Present Original Content

It’s no secret that Google loves original content. So, by playing the Google game, you can increase your rankings on search engines while informing your potential customers about how your business can help them.

According to Yoast, you should aim for at least 300 words of original content to get the best results when Google indexes your web page. Having a solid amount of original content will help you build and maintain credibility with search engines.

A solid way to continue increasing that credibility is to blog consistently. While the time commitment of blogging might seem daunting, the effects can be great for your business.

3. Be Responsive

Making your website responsive is almost mandatory at this point. Since so many people are browsing the web with so many different types of devices, you need to make sure your website functions optimally – no matter what.

But we aren’t the first people to note the changing trends in web browsing. Google has recently said that they will rank responsive websites higher than non-responsive sites.

So, in order to make your website the best it can be, you need to make sure that it is mobile-friendly so your customers can find it through the search engines, and so that they can see it clearly when they’re on the web page.

If you’re looking to move your website from good to great, sometimes it’s good to have a fresh start. The HubRunner Platform has a data-driven design that will improve the quality of your website.

Every website set up on the HubRunner Platform is mobile responsive and feature Google Analytics to help track your traffic. Your Onboarding Manager offers professional copy-editing for your original content, making sure you have a leg up on the competition.

If you’re interested in learning more about HubRunner, schedule a demo today!

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