Let Data Drive Your Website Design

When’s the last time you gave your website a makeover? Sure, you may like the way it looks, but is it performing the way it needs to? Consider adding these three concepts to your current or new site, and start improving your website!

Your Website Layout

There are millions of ways to lay your website out, but which one leads to the best website design?

There’s not one best way to create your website layout, but there are a few actions you can take to improve the way your website is physically laid out, allowing you to optimize your website design.

The best website designs for a business, some might say, are the ones that are most straight forward. Generally, your website needs to run with the pattern of the eye, reading left to right, but not end to end. You need to break up the text with photos, quotes, or other design elements, like CTAs, to assist with conversions.

Finding the right combination of layout elements, text structure, and professional aesthetic can be time consuming and will undoubtedly be a process for you.

Call to Action

The purpose of your business’s website is likely to inform and convert viewers into customers. We’ve talked previously about how CTA placement on your site could help generate traffic based on its location.

It’s also important to note that tests are constantly being done to measure the effects of color on your CTAs. However, definitive conclusions have not been met yet.

Another way to create an optimal website design is to personalize your CTAs. According a HubSpot survey, personalized CTAs are 42% more likely to convert. This extra effort in distinguishing CTAs to your customers will help drive your customers to convert.

A/B Test

A/B Testing is a process to test how changes will affect your website. Your website should be dynamic, changing all the time, improving upon itself.

When you start an A/B Test, you are setting a goal to discover if your changes have significant impact on your traffic, conversions, bounce rate, or any other factor of your website. This kind of primary data is perfect for identifying key motivational factors of your customers.

There are plenty of tools out there for running your tests, and some are free, like Google Analytics. When implemented, some customers are shown your current website, and others are shown your website with the changes, allowing you to see the variance.

Common A/B Tests on websites:

  • CTA Placement: Does the CTA generate more conversions above or below the fold?
  • CTA Color: Does my CTAs’ color affect my conversions?
  • Design Element Placement: Does this layout affect my bounce rate?

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