How to Start Your Direct Email Marketing Campaign

Direct email marketing is a method to reach target consumers through email without spamming them. The email marketing copy typically includes a brief description of the product, event, or service you are offering, and a call to action that drives the target to convert.

Here’s a quick guide to creating your very own email marketing campaign:

Why Choose Direct Email Marketing?

Direct email marketing can be a very effective tool to help your business reach out to potential customers and gain valuable information about the kinds of people you try to reach with your product.

Decide Your Objectives

You need to figure out what your goals are from your direct email marketing campaign. Deciding on your success metrics and audience can help you guide the entire campaign project.

Why are you sending the emails at all? Are you promoting a new product, trying to inform potential customers about an event, or trying to drive traffic to your site? Different kinds of objectives will frame your direct email marketing campaign from start to finish.

direct email marketing

Compile Your Target List

You need a solid list of targets to pull from in order to maximize your direct email marketing reach. This may seem obvious, but there’s a balance between quantity and quality.

Use buyer personas. You can increase your success with your direct email marketing by targeting segmented parts of your consumer base. Creating buyer personas can help you identify those targets and tailor the emails for them.

Segment Your Copy

After you identify your buyer personas, you can custom write the copy to fit their wants, needs, and interests. This process takes what can be a shotgun method of marketing, which casts a very broad net on customers, and narrows the focus a little.

People are more likely to open and respond to emails that cater to them. Segmenting your customer base and copy will allow you to cater your message to who the customer is.

Keep It Simple

The emails you send in your direct email marketing campaign need to be easy to digest for the recipients. Keeping your content, layout, and call to action simple is key to getting the responses you want from your viewers.

As your direct email marketing campaign continues, you can tweak your content to try and increase your success. To learn more about improving your email marketing campaign, give the experts at HubRunner a call or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.