HubRunner’s Pick: Writing Resources

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Writing is the primary basis for communicating at work. Your learning and intellect are often judged on writing skills. The best writers communicate in a way that easily moves along facts and opinions without confusing the reader.

Emails are no different. Often poorly written emails hurt efficiency and accuracy in the workplace. Brainstorming your ideas and concepts will help you craft better drafts and emails.

We’ve compiled a list of blog posts from around the web about the most useful writing resources that will help kickstart your inner Bukowski, Twain, or Flynn.

7 Free Tools That’ll Help Anyone Become a Better Writer Today

There are many free tools you can use to improve your writing instantly.

  • Grammarly for Chrome is a program that grammar checks and spell checks when drafting online.
  • Hemingway is another spell check program that helps you write bolder, clearer, and more concise sentences.
  • If you are looking for good writing advice, Writepls is a website compiled of the best writing articles online.
  • To put all of these skills to the test, use Daily Page to find daily writing prompts with responses from users.
  • Once you feel you have fine-tuned your writing you could even use Reedsy to find professional publishers, editors, and marketers.

Using these free tools you can improve your writing quickly and efficiently.

10 Tricks to Write Radically Better Emails

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Writing emails to customers is one of your business’s most valuable resources. There are many tips that professional writers use that can help you improve your emails. It’s important to write emails that will delight, rather than bore customers, so we found a plethora of tips to help you write more engaging and entertaining emails.

Creating an exclusive club makes everyone feel special when receiving emails. Make your subscribers feel like they’re getting special deals for being apart of your select group.

Keeping readers on their toes is also important to increase engagement. Tapping into current events makes the emails seem more relevant to the average user. Using the same subject line every time is also important because it builds trust with your brand. Implementing buttons into the emails will increase the likelihood that subscribers will click through your content.

Referral codes are also very successful in engaging subscribers. Satisfied customers will be willing to refer others to your service. With these tips, you will see better results from your email campaigns.

Better Brainstorming for People Who Hate Brainstorming

Brainstorming is important because it promotes creativity, fresh ideas, and innovation. Brainstorming can contribute greatly to the success of your business and your writing.

Here are some great tips on how to improve and appreciate your brainstorming process.


Creating imaginary barriers creates a reason to brainstorm ideas. For example, playing the “what-if” game will help you come up with new ideas for your writing.  Another way to improve brainstorming is to get everyone to collaborate during the brainstorming. This will bring in new ideas to your writing process and will also help you gain a better grasp on the writing material itself. Brainstorming is key to writing professionally, and it will also make the writing process a lot smoother.

Using some of these tools above, you should be able to improve your writing quickly. Many of these tools utilize technologies that will help improve sentence grammar and structure with minimal effort. Practicing your writing is the best way to put these tools to use and improve your writing over time. Have questions about email writing? Feel free to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or shoot an email to