How to Develop an Effective Business Website Layout

Your business website layout is important. For a lot of viewers and potential customers, your business website is the first thing they see. A poorly developed website can deter many people away from your business, so putting thought into a website layout can be very important.

Here are some ways to develop an effective business website layout:

Keep It Professional

Your business website layout needs to convey your company’s message. For most businesses, that means you need your website to make you look professional and trustworthy. Make your business layout simple and straightforward can help make your company look great.

Using high quality photos helps add legitimacy to your site. Whether you take the photos yourself, hire a photographer, or use stock photos throughout your site, adding photos should help make your business website layout look more professional.

business website layout

Stay True to Your Brand

Make your logo bold and visible. Your website is like your storefront. You want people to look at your site, know who you are, and know what you are about. A prominent logo is a great way to make a first impression on a website.

Logos typically stay on the left side, as many people are trained to read from left to right. A logo that is centered about the menu bar can also be very effective.

You also want to make sure your color scheme is both indicative of your branding and aesthetically pleasing on screen. The colors and logo together can paint a picture of who your company is and are essential to creating a great business website layout.

Make It Clear

Keeping your contact information readily available is critical when making considering your business website layout. Having contact information above the fold helps viewers notice it. Including quality calls to action help drive traffic to your website or generate leads.

Make It Work

Your business website needs to be functional and responsive. This might sound like common knowledge, but making sure your layout is adaptable on all platforms is crucial. So many people browse from mobile devices and tablets, it’s imperative to be accessible.

Google also factors in mobile responsiveness into their search engine placement. By passing their mobile friendly test, Google can index your site and place it higher on the list.

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