Need a Reason for Creating a Website? Here Are 5!

Many businesses wonder whether there’s a tangible reason for creating a website for your business. The truth is that a website brings a number of opportunities to the table and, for a business, this can’t be ignored.

Let’s take a look at five of these reasons and why they’re so crucial for success:

1. Customers Can Find You

If people want to learn more about a business and their products the first thing they do these days is head online. And a quick search provides the customer with a myriad of information all from the comfort of their home.

There’s no need to wait weeks for a product catalogue to be dispatched, no flicking through phone directories to find contact details and no need to head out in the rain to purchase a product. This visibility and convenience makes an excellent reason for creating a website.

2. You Can Prove Your Authority

Consumers can be anxious and hesitant when it comes to dealing with a business, so proving your authority is paramount in gaining customers’ trust.
Creating a website allows you to show you really know your onions when it comes to providing a service. Not only can a website demonstrate past projects and testimonials from successful customers, it also gives you a platform to blog about your knowledge of the industry.

Demonstrating this authority allows consumers to feel more relaxed in relinquishing their hard earned dollars in exchange for your services.

reason for creating a website

3. Sign Customers up to Your Email List

We’ve all been in a situation in a store where we’re asked to sign up for a mailing list. More often than not we’re in a rush and don’t have time to fill out our address, phone number, and shoe size, so we decline.

However, with a website, you can offer the incentive of speed to your customers by requesting just an email address. And you’ll soon find that you build a significant database of customers interested in your business.

You’re then in an enviable position of being able to update customers with any developments in your business which, in turn, will bring them back to your site.

4. E-Commerce Is Growing and Growing

E-commerce is a huge phenomenon and one that is predicted to generate around $554 billion in 2016 in the US market alone.

This highlights just how much consumers are heading online to purchase goods and services rather than physical stores. E-commerce sites, then, offer a highly lucrative opportunity to serve customers with the added bonus of saving costs by not shelling out on physical stores.

5. Become a Global Business

It’s estimated that around 3 billion people have access to the internet, so this has made the world a much smaller place. The benefit of this for businesses is that they now have access to previously unreachable markets.

A store in downtown Manhattan, for example, can now serve the local community and, thanks to building a website, customers as far away as London, Tokyo and Sydney. This is a key reason for creating a website as it maximizes your potential customer base.

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