How To Improve Your Direct Email Marketing

Direct email marketing campaigns can help you generate web traffic, leads, and, ideally, sales. However, with such a high volume of emails being sent daily, it can be hard to stand out in someone’s inbox.

Here are some ways to improve your direct email marketing:

Keep It Short and Personal

When you launch your direct email marketing campaign, you want to keep your messages brief and to the point. Your copy needs to inform the reader about your brand, product, or service, but you can’t expect your targets to search for the information relevant to them.

Make your copy personal, too. Adding a personal touch will make your emails look less like spam and increase the likelihood of them opening, reading, and converting.

Include a Strong CTA

Have a single, concise call-to-action included in your email. Putting in more than one CTA can confuse the reader and discourage them from converting. Keep your CTA copy brief and using action verbs. There’s no room for passive voice when you’re trying to grip your target.

CTA placement is another factor you will need to address. Typically, marketers believe that keeping CTA’s above the fold – meaning immediately visible on the page without scrolling – is the most effective way to place CTA’s.

However, recent data has proved that might not be the case. Testing out CTA placement is critical to running a successful direct email marketing campaign.

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Know Your Metrics

You need to measure the success of your email campaign. But putting together an accurate picture of your progress can be complicated. For example, open rate is an important metric – if no one opens your email, you have nothing! But open rate alone can’t measure your success.

However, looking at different pieces of the analytics puzzle can help you understand how your direct email marketing campaign is going. Metrics like click-through rate, conversions, and specific data about who converted can help you make more informed decisions about your marketing moving forward.

Always Be Testing

You will always find room to improve. Tweaking your direct email marketing features is essential. You can send emails to the same target demographics with changes like:

  • Call-to-action placement
  • Altered tag lines
  • Different copy
  • A new CTA

By utilizing these sorts of changes, you can improve your direct email marketing over time.

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