The Right Questions to Ask for a Mission Statement

Developing a mission statement is more important than some business owners may realize. Although the statement is typically no more than a few sentences, you want something that truly represents your business – it should reflect your company’s values, services, methods and what makes your business unique.

Where do you start? You might want to ask yourself some questions to begin.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself when you are considering questions to ask for a mission statement:

  • Who are you, as a business? This should include your business as a whole, and the employees who work for the business. Humanize your business, and showcase the highlights about your staff.
  • Who are your customers? This is one of the questions to ask for a mission statement that will help you determine your target audience. Let consumers know that they are important to you, and that you will provide quality service.
  • What do you do? Obviously, you will want your mission statement to define your business – what you do and what makes you the best at it, and the perfect choice for your customers.
  • Why are you in this business? Questions to ask for a mission statement should definitely include why you chose to sell the products or provide the services that you do. Consumers want to know that you are passionate about your business and about doing it right.
  • How do you do it? You will want to be open with your customers about how you do your job. People want honesty, efficiency and dedication from a company, and you want to portray that in your mission statement.

questions to ask for a mission statement

The mission statement is not only something you present to customers, but it is also what you and your employees should refer to as your business’s status quo. It will be the words that you as a company should strive to operate by. Therefore, the process is almost as important as the questions to ask for a mission statement:

  • Brainstorm. If possible, hold a few meetings where the mission statement will be discussed. Bringing employees together, then pooling ideas and feeding off of one another’s suggestions is the best start for coming up with a mission statement.
  • Seek outside opinions. Once you have some possibilities laid out, ask for input from other companies or individuals that work with you. A customer or partner may be able to give you some new perspective.
  • Make it professional. Ensure that your statement is free of any grammatical errors, and that the words used are exciting and colorful. A boring or poorly written mission statement will not reflect well on your business or your output.
Depending on what type of business you have, the questions to ask for a mission statement may vary a bit. However, the main goal of nearly every business is to provide quality service and build a loyal following.

The proper mission statement can go a long way in making that happen. Do not take the process lightly. You can give your business a boost by working out a mission statement that conveys your high standards to the public.


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