HubRunner Picks: Improve Communication in the Office

Our verbal and non-vernal interactions play a major part in how well companies and people function in everyday society. Effective communication skills can make a world of difference when deciding between business transactions, what client to bring on or which potential employee to hire.

Whether it be online through social media, resolving conflicts in the workplace or adapting to changing people and environments, having the ability to communicate clearly and directly will help you get you and your business what you want, when you want it!

Take a look at these helpful articles we found around the web this week to help improve communication in the office today.


The Store Starters: Social Media and Customer Service

“Social media for businesses is all about creating conversations.” According to The Store Starters, a marketing consultation company specializing in reinventing business brands, the perfect opportunity to market and capitalize on business promotion in through communication media. They list four reason why quality communication skills are a necessity in order to grow and develop in today’s most competitive industries:

  • Communication is instantaneous
  • You give customers a transparent and personal brand experience
  • Follow up is much easier
  • Social media users are much more likely to share their experiences

USA News-Money: How to be a better communicator in the workplace

One of the most important skills that can positively or negatively effect your personal development and success is the complex ability to communicate. How we share information is based primarily on body language, the tone and quality of ones voice, as well as using the right words at the right time. Here are few things to consider when interacting with others:

  • Avoid flaunting power and intellect
  • Be confident
  • Show awareness of others
  • Master the art of listening
  • Earn respect and trust
  • Learn from mentors

Forbes: 5 Reasons Leaders Practice Poor Communication Skills

Glenn Llopis, of, points to lack of preparation, being impatient and not having the ability to listen as being a few of the major factors contributing to unrefined communication skills. As leaders, we are meant to maximize potential and provide comfortable and open space for dialogue and ideas. By AVOIDING the five common communication errors below, Llopis ensures that you will promote trust, transparency and positive outcomes:

  • Feeling vulnerable
  • Intimidating others
  • Lacking subject matter expertise
  • Not being prepared
  • Void of executive presence

Possessing necessary communication skills via social media, workplace etiquette and avoiding bad habits is not only effective, but it will also shed light on your company as a current and reliable source for business. For these reasons you will be able to create more “substantial and personal relationships” with clients and well as a happy, healthy work environment. It will set you ahead and apart of the rest and provide a stable foundation for success and prosperity.

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