How to Win Easy Referrals and Increase Traffic

Referral traffic is one of the most powerful traffic sources on the internet, so it’s essential you concentrate on your marketing strategies in this area. Referrals, you see, provide instant spikes in traffic and also help increase your authority, so they’re a powerful SEO tool.

But do easy referrals actually exist? The answer’s pretty simple and it’s a resounding YES!

However, you need to plan your referral campaigns carefully to make sure they’re executed correctly to maximize their impact. That’s why we’re going to go through the marketing strategies which will win you those easy referrals!

Social Networks

The unstoppable power of social networks is showing no signs of slowing up and, therefore, they remain a crucial platform for gaining easy referrals.

The mass adoption that we’ve seen social networks achieve in the last few years means that there’s no better place online to receive exposure for your website. With just one carefully planned post you can generate huge amounts of referral traffic.

And these can be very easy referrals if you plan them carefully.

By understanding the most common user patterns on social media you can really clean up in the referral stakes. Facebook users are more likely to click links between 1pm – 3pm on a Thursday and Friday whilst Twitter users are most likely to click at 12pm, 5pm and 6pm between Monday – Friday.

Targeting these peak periods will mean you maximize your chances of referral traffic.

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Offline Referrals

Yep, that’s right, it’s more than possible to win easy referrals offline, but many people feel as though if it’s not on a screen, it’s not going to drag people in.

However, by getting involved in sponsorship you’re advertising your brand to a whole new set of eyes and the marketing power of this should never be underestimated. Now, sure, you probably won’t be able to sponsor the New York Knicks, but look into more local enterprises e.g. local music events, sports teams or even talent contests.

There’s always a lot of literature attached to these types of events, so it’s a great chance to advertise your website and engage users by becoming synonymous with the things they love.

And, of course, if, say, you run a music website, then sponsoring a local music festival will bring your website to the attention of your core demographic and they’re highly likely to click your link. So, make sure you always pay close attention to any local events and causes!

Guest Posts

Guest posting remains one of the best strategies for capturing easy referrals and it’s difficult to argue against them in the current digital realm.

The beauty of a guest post is that it’s almost always going to be delivered to a highly targeted audience who are going to be falling over themselves to read your content. The trick is to search for blogs and websites who are also in your niche, but hold a substantial amount of authority.

By securing a guest post with your successful peers you can rest assured that it’s going to do wonders for your sites profile. And the referral traffic will pleasingly spike almost the moment it’s published.

But not only does it give you a truckload of easy referrals, it also helps you to build relationships with your peers, increase your authority due to association and, best of all, it’s free!

Get Involved in Comments

Although leaving links on blogs has spammy connotations, if you do it properly then you’ll discover that it’s an amazing source of easy referrals.

Now, we’ve all seen those hugely irritating spam links plastered over the comments sections where, say, the article is about the Wimbledon tennis final, but someone’s slapping links up promising “How to make $25,000 in one month!”.

And, you know what? No one clicks them!

However, if you’re willing to put the time and effort into crafting a well thought out and insightful comment, you’re more likely to get clicks on your link. The key is to engage with the other users by opening up conversations and proving you have something to offer them.

The best blogs to target are those which have active and thriving communities where people frequently comment and, most importantly, where the blog author gets involved. This helps boost the authority and creates less anxiety about links for new, unheard of websites.

So, easy referrals certainly do exist, but you need to plan your strategies carefully. By taking note of the areas we’ve covered above you’ll be equipping yourself to win more referral traffic.

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