HubRunner Picks: How to Increase Positivity in the Work Place

increase positivity in the work place

It doesn’t take years of dedicated studies and mounds of research to know the physical and mental toll stress takes on ones well being.

Stress as well as a negative work environment causes not only unproductive employees but can also be a rising factor in stress related illnesses such as heart and lung disease, diabetes and obesity. These outcomes can cost a company millions of dollars and poor work ethic can easily cause any business to fail.

It only takes a few small changes in the work place in order to achieve positive, high performances from employees and keep every healthy, happy and proactive. We’ve found some of the best tips and tricks to make sure employees not only perform well but also enjoy being at work, therefore adding to the success and satisfaction of the overall business experience.

How To Design Your Workspace To Encourage Positive Emotions At Work: Fast Company

“…creating a culture shift from stifling emotion to embracing and supporting it can begin with focusing on space and realizing that the decisions you make affect things far beyond real estate and facilities costs.” Psychologist Beatriz Arantes argues that emotional well being has a major impact on employee productivity and company success. Taking on a holistic view of work place positivity begins by creating a positive environment to foster creativity, collaboration and productivity. Arantes outlines three ways company’s can do this:

Encourage a sense of belonging

  • Create welcoming entrances with visible hosting for people who don’t work there daily
  • Offer video-conferencing configurations that allow remote participants to easily see content and hear participants
  • Provide ample and well-equipped spaces for all workers to work individually or in teams
  • Design informal areas for socialization, both in person and virtually

Help people see their worth

  • Create spaces that give people choices and empower them to work alone or together—however and wherever they work best
  • Include spaces beyond the lobby that reinforce the purpose, history, and culture of the company
  • Use technology to display real-time information that can help employees feel connected and informed

Encourage engagement by tracking mindfulness

  • Create spaces that help people connect with others one-on-one and eye-to-eye, not just through their technology devices
  • Design areas that allow workers to control their sensory stimulation
  • Offer places that are calming, through the materials, textures, colors, lighting, and views
  • Create areas where people can connect with others without distractions

6 Ways To Build A More Positive Workplace: US News

Developing what Dr. Maria Golgotha, an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist who specializes in workplace success strategies, calls the four psychological resources that affect our behaviour (HERO: hope, self efficacy, resilience and optimism) will help employees effectively meet and master workplace challenges. By enhancing the overall “happiness quotient”, the ability to learn, excel and capture success is much more accessible. Golgotha encourages employers to do this in a few easy way:

  • Show gratitude: this sets a powerful and positive tone of respect and recognition
  • Focus on strengths: utilizing talents is a huge confidence builder as well as a smart of working with others
  • Balance negatives: build up resilience by refocusing your energy on successes when you are faced with disappointment or stress.
  • Practice “flexible” thinking: be sure to explore numerous potential obstacles and generate alternative pathways to effectively manage them. This creates and builds feelings of hopefulness.
  • Acknowledge steps to success: Identify and celebrate incremental goals along the way to help bolster energy levels and maintain focus.
  • Support your team: Others can detect a subtle tone of negativity, so remember to communicate confidence in their abilities. If you have doubts, search for the source of your concern and help your team develop to meet the challenge.

5 Quick Ways You Can Bring Positivity To Your Workplace

Work place dynamics are crucial to running a successful business. With so many people using positive psychology at home it makes sense to bring it into the work place and improve workplace satisfaction. Alexa Thompson, who focuses on how positive psychology, with the addition of exercise and having a creative outlet, enhances the mood of workers. She narrows down on how to prevent a negative environment and make sure everyone is emotional, as well as physically, cared for!

  • Intimidation is not the answer: using uncertainty as a means to push someone to work harder takes away from the talents and worth of that individual. Instead, build confidence and satisfaction.
  • More positivity and fewer sick days by increasing exercise: The 2012 CNBC report on workplace wellness programs found that, of employees who regularly participated, over half said they were more productive; 40 percent said they were likely to stay with their company; and about 30 percent reported taking fewer sick days.
  • Embrace Creativity: Tell people you want their ideas then give them some amount of time and space to think creatively. Workers who feel their voices are being heard are also usually happier overall.
  • Make use of Mentoring: Management experts view mentoring not just as a one-on-one relationship but as a component of social networking,” mentees”, gain valuable knowledge by interacting with many experienced people.

Check out these methods for increasing positivity in the work place and let us know what you think! Another method for increasing positivity in your office is decorating in a way that promotes positive energy.

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