The Art and Science of Marketing Leads

The process of marketing has changed drastically in the past decade; it is now easier than ever to convert visitors into marketing leads, and turn these leads into customers, clients, and followers.

This process is both a science and an art – you should start with the basic, scientific building blocks of online marketing, and then turn to artfully adapting these principles to your specific business. As you continue to learn about specific strategies for engaging marketing leads, it will serve you well to keep the following guiding principles in mind.

Create a Customer Profile

Marketing is no longer about mass advertising and finding customers; in today’s world, online marketing is about being found by potential customers and targeting these individuals on a one-on-one basis.

The name of the game is engagement; that is, ensuring that visitors on your web page or viewers of your PPC ad engage with this content and become marketing leads.

One of the best ways to encourage this process is to create a customer profile. Marketing leads are not created out of thin air; they are nearly always individuals that are already interested in your type of business, and need only to find you. In short, your potential customers most likely look a lot like your current customers.

Your efforts at engaging marketing leads ought to reflect this. Ask yourself specific questions about your current customers – their demographics, what they purchase, where they live, and how they engage with your service or product. Then create marketing material based on this profile.
marketing leads
Develop Relevant Content

As mentioned above, the process of online marketing today involves being found by leads – and being found in the vast ocean of the Internet involves creating high quality and relevant content.

This content can take the form of informative blog posts, engaging tutorial videos, and responsive social media activity. No matter what form it takes, online content relevant to your business is crucial for capturing the attention of marketing leads. Once you have answered the questions outlined above about your current customers, it becomes easier to create content that will appeal to marketing leads.

Less is Best 

According to conventional wisdom, the more leads that Marketing can give Sales, the more customers Sales can pull in.

However, this conventional wisdom may not always hold true today. Instead, sending the most number of leads possible to Sales can be counterproductive, since they would spend more time pursuing leads that eventually fall through. Instead, identifying and targeting marketing leads involves separating qualified leads from less promising ones.

This can take several forms, including a specific web-based strategy for qualifying marketing leads; it can also be as simple as asking the questions about your current customers outlined above.

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