How To Effectively Use Social Media as Lead Generation Tools for Your Business

For businesses, an important part of their marketing model typically involves generating leads. Leads, or people who have in some way expressed interest in your business, are some of the most likely people to be converted into customers. These individuals are exactly what a business wants, as success ultimately comes from having customers who buy your products or services. Generating quality leads is not always easy, but there are plenty of tools out there to help. In particular, social media is a great way to generate leads.

Social media is already known to help businesses in a variety of areas such as increasing brand awareness and developing a brand identity, but what is lesser known is that it will also help you generate leads. 58% of marketers have said it has helped them boost sales. With this in mind, social media should be your go-to option when thinking about lead generation tools.

lead generation tools


Facebook is a great platform that is used by an incredibly large amount of people (1.55 billion monthly active users to be exact). One of the great lead generation tools that works well on social media is the concept of ‘gated content.’ All this means is that you provide a link to a great piece of content that you believe potential customers would find really interesting.

When clicking that link, they are brought to a landing page where they have to provide some information in exchange for the content they are looking for. The information they provide can then be used by your sales team with the goal of hopefully converting the leads into satisfied customers. Because so many people use Facebook, it is an incredibly effective tool that can get you connected with millions of potential customers.


Twitter is another platform used by millions that will also help you with lead generation. Gated content can and should be utilized here as well, and in fact Twitter has a specific program designed for just that. Their Twitter Lead Generation Cards will have interested individuals connected with your content in a quick, efficient way. When someone clicks on your card, his or her information will be loaded in automatically. Should they choose to submit their info, they will get access to your content, and their info will be stored for you.


Beyond the use of gated content, social media can be used as lead generation tools through the use of social media advertising. With the help of advanced tools and targeting methods, your content can be shown to those individuals who are likely to be interested (whether it be because of their location, age demographics, listed interests, or something else). Similar to gated content, if someone clicks on your ad they will be listed as a potential lead.

Ads can be run on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

With social media being so important in today’s society, you are probably already using it to promote your business. By utilizing the right techniques, these platforms can also serve as the best lead generation tools that will help you to grow your business effectively.