Why Are Social Media Sites Such Amazing Marketing Tools?

You’re probably aware that getting involved with social media sites is essential for businesses in this day and age, but why is this? After all, social media sites are just an excuse for people to share photos with their friends and post updates about their latest shopping trip, right?

Well, sure, we’ve all been guilty of self-indulgent activity on social media sites, but it’s just human nature to act in this way! However, the business side of social media sites offers a genuinely powerful marketing opportunity, so understanding how they operate is crucial.

As you’re probably aware, the digital landscape is awash with countless social media sites, so choosing the right one for your brand is important. We’re going to help you get started by narrowing our focus down to the three big ones which can really help your marketing strategies.


Twitter receives around 1.7 billion desktop visits per month, so, as you can imagine, it’s one of the best social media sites when it comes to finding your audience.But just how can Twitter help you capture some of these potential customers?

Well, firstly, Twitter is a tremendous arena for brands to connect with their customers. It’s becoming increasingly popular for consumers to get in touch with brands through Twitter be it a complaint, a query or even just wild praise. This interaction allows businesses to engage with customers quickly and efficiently, so it’s a great platform to provide amazing customer service.

By engaging with your customers in this manner, you’ll discover that you start building a loyalty with your followers. This means that they’re more likely to retweet your content and this, in turn, will create a snowball effect which brings in more followers and more exposure for your brand. And, don’t forget, Twitter has a worldwide audience, so even just one retweet can spread your message right around the world.

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Everyone loves Facebook and, with 19.5 billion desktop visits per month, it’s difficult to argue against its dominance against all social media sites! And Facebook’s business pages help you tap into this enormous market, so let’s take a look at how it achieves this.

A Facebook business page allows you to introduce and showcase your brand to the world. Not only can you provide the basic facts and information about your business, you can create high levels of engagement by detailing your history, products and services. By crafting the right content you’ll discover that your page pulls in more followers and increases your profile.

Facebook also provides an instant forum for your customers to directly engage with you. As long as you keep your page maintained regularly, you’ll be able to answer people’s questions effortlessly and ensure that they feel special when they receive one to one attention. And the best thing about this is that it’s all completely free for you and your customers!


Perhaps best known as a business networking site, LinkedIn is also one of the more powerful social media sites when it comes to building your brand. And with just over 637 million monthly desktop visits, LinkedIn offers a potentially lucrative audience to engage with.

LinkedIn provides a highly versatile platform which gives you the chance to highlight your company’s products and services through numerous formats such as webinars, SlideShare presentations and blog posts. And it’s this variety which offers the opportunity for your brand to engage customers and explain how you’re the missing link in achieving their professional goals.

One of the major benefits of LinkedIn is that it allows your brand to develop strong business relationships. And a LinkedIn company page helps you foster these relationships by linking all your employees together on your company page. Not only does this bring in traffic to your company page, it also has the potential to attract new talent to your business which you may not have engaged with otherwise.