Increasing Social Media Presence is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

For the last decade, the interaction between business and social media has been on the rise. Today, social media is all but ubiquitous, and companies (small and large alike) are constantly looking for ways to increase social media presence. While the specific steps and ‘tricks’ Google turns up are certainly helpful, increasing social media presence for your company (whether it is an international conglomeration or a small local business) boils down to three main aspects: cogitation, content, and connection.


If you had to open a new tab to look up the definition of cogitation just now, it’s really quite simple: cogitation is the process of concerted thinking aimed at the creation of a plan. It is not helpful for business leaders to post to social media when they feel like it, or only when new products are being launched.

Instead, determine what purpose your posts will serve, and specify these goals by each platform. Second, integrate social media into your existing marketing strategy and marketing calendar. For subsequent social media efforts to be successful, you must consider things like timeline (how often will you post?), type of content (what kinds of content will be most helpful?), and benefit (how will engagement on social media help promote your core business?). Answering these questions will get you well on your way to a better social media presence.

ways to increase social media presence


One of the best ways to increase social media presence is with quality content. Since there are millions of business pages on Facebook and Twitter, creating high quality, useful content is one of the best ways to increase social media presence.

Most importantly, social media users are not looking for a description or brag about your products or services – that’s what your website is for. Social media is a tool for bringing users to your website. Avoid product-based content as much as possible, opting instead to educational and useful information that is more loosely related to your business.

It is more important to offer a clear benefit to your audience, rather than a reference to your products with every post. As a content side note, it is also important to optimize your social presence by ensuring your profiles are complete, clear and concise, and include your logo and website.


Social media is really all about connection. If you are using Facebook and Twitter as a static alternative to your website, you are doing it wrong. Use the many available tools to build relationships with others in your industry (both individuals and businesses).

Similarly, be sure to interact with your followers, rather than just tweeting at them or promoting a Facebook post. Find ways to increase social media presence by connecting with real people. Following the content guidelines above is a start, but it is important to follow up with your posts.

Finally, one of the best says to increase your social media presence is to link your social media profile to your website. If people find your content and connection compelling, make it easy for them to learn more about what you do.