3 Great Internet Marketing Strategies You Can’t Ignore

The internet has been the single biggest change to the business landscape in the last 20 years. And it’s unlocked some amazing business opportunities, but to truly exploit these you need to get to grips with the best internet marketing strategies.

But why do we need to understand internet marketing strategies? Well, you only have to take one look at the ever dwindling number of physical stores to understand the impact that e-commerce has had on trading practices.

Consumers now flock to search engines and social media to discover new services and products, so putting the right internet marketing strategies into place is crucial. And, as luck would have it, we’re going to show you three essential internet marketing strategies you can’t ignore!

1. Establish a Positive Reputation

Humans are wary consumers and, due to economic factors, this has never been more evident than today. So, in order to circumnavigate this anxiety, they like to feel that they’re in safe hands. And it’s your duty to provide the best reputation you can.

One of the most important internet marketing strategies for achieving this is by generating positive reviews. Just head to Google and type in the name of your favorite restaurant and, sure enough, you’ll discover a whole list of reviews and ratings which can have a huge impact on a business.

The best way to garner positive reviews is firstly by providing a great service, but you then have to follow up in ways such as:

  • Follow up emails asking whether they enjoyed your product/service and would they mind leaving a review
  • Packing review requests with packages
  • Providing incentives for leaving reviews e.g. entry into a prize draw

internet marketing strategies

2. Build a Huge Customer Base with Email Marketing

Emails may seem a little out of date in this day and age, but this viewpoint couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see, emails still pack a substantial punch. No matter how many different channels are dreamt up by software designers, people still like to check their emails. Therefore, it’s one of the best internet marketing strategies for engaging potential and existing customers. And, if you don’t get to grips with it, you can rest assured your competitors will!

Sending an email about your amazing deals and products is easy, but building a substantial email list is the tough part. However, it’s not impossible. The key is persistence, so make sure you place multiple ‘sign up’ options on your website. Don’t forget that one of the best ways to optimize email conversions is to offer something exclusive e.g. a free e-book.

3. Access a Huge Audience Through Social Media

Social media is a huge deal, but you probably know that from checking your various accounts every 5 minutes. And it’s this addiction which makes it one of the most powerful internet marketing strategies at your fingertips.

The audience available is huge, so perfecting the art of social media marketing should be one of your number one priorities. Now, you’re already well aware of how to log onto social media sites and share your thoughts and photos, but how do you use it to promote your business and drive conversions?

Consider the following practices to build a strong presence of social media:

  • Build strong relationships with authority figures. By developing these relationships you’re not only likely to keep up to date with the industry, you’re also opening the door to them sharing your content. And their authority can really mark your content out as essential.
  • Engage with your followers. By taking the time to chat with and answer questions from your followers you’re displaying your human side. Consumers don’t want to feel they’re dealing with a marketing machine delivering scripted answers, they want real. engagement
  • Offer exclusive promotions through your social media accounts to give people a reason to follow you.