HubRunner Picks: Blogging Resources for Financial Advisors

The life of a financial advisor can be an amazing experience, but it’s also one which calls upon all your skills to succeed in the tough world of finance. No two clients are the same, so it’s essential that you’re well versed in the industry and can adapt to new challenges.

It’s certainly a tough landscape, but, thankfully, you don’t have to feel as though you’re on your own. The internet is awash with fantastic blogs which promise to upgrade your skills and improve your prospects. To help you gain a clearer insight on the industry, we’ve handpicked some of the best financial advisor blogging resources to follow.

The Reformed Broker

desk-with-paper-calculator-computerThe Reformed Broker is a blog which comes directly from New York City financial advisor Joshua M Brown. A highly popular blog, it brings in around 300k views per month, so its authority is clear to see.

Joshua started the blog in November 2008 and since then it has gone on to carve out a nice foothold for itself in the financial web. What’s clear from the off is that Joshua is not here to give market advice, but it is a platform to express his views and provide insights on contemporary finance.

The blog is straight talking and refuses to get drawn into lengthy, technical discussions. Instead, Joshua uses an engaging and humorous tone to get his points across.

Abnormal Returns

Another forecast free blog, Abnormal Returns seeks to bring the cream of the financial blog articles to your attention on a daily basis. It’s a fantastic overview of the financial blogging community and acts as a real timesaver when it comes to finding the best content.

Abnormal Returns has been running since 2005 and was founded by private investor Tadas Viskanta. The experience that Tadas has amassed over 25 years in the financial sector means that he’s perfectly placed to understand where the best content is.

And with monthly viewing figures of 250k per month, it’s clear to see that a lot of people are investing time in what he has to share.


The Big Picture

business_executives_in_officeBarry Ritholtz isn’t just the founder of The Big Picture blog; he’s also the founder of Ritholtz Wealth Management who has assets worth $175 million. So, yes, he’s a big time player and someone you can learn a lot about the industry from. After all, he was one of the few people to foresee the housing market crash.
But what can The Big Picture bring to the table for financial advisors? Well, with an almost obsessive level of detail, Ritholtz calls upon his quantitative data experience to serve up amazing statistics coupled with astounding insights into what makes the industry tick.

Ritholtz’ experience and expertise tackles subjects that cover financial ethics, housing market data and investment design to name but a few. And the breadth of topics he takes on ensures a wide readership of over 600k views per month.


chartMishTalk is a relatively new blog by SitkaPacific Capita Management investment advisor Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock, but follows on from his Global Economic Analysis blog which ran for several successful years.

Mish has managed to put together a superb commentary on the financial industry at MishTalk and strives to provide daily commentary. And through this commentary, Mish provides a unique viewpoint which doesn’t shrink from going against the grain. It’s the type of stance which is fresh and should open your eyes to the potential of evaluating the general chitter chatter of the market.

The traffic for MishTalk is almost as fantastic as Mish’s content with over 800k views in its first month. Proof, if ever it was needed, that Mish can deliver the type of content that is invaluable for navigating the financial markets.