The Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Is Failing

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that social media is a huge marketing trend right now. And, chances are, you’ll have been working on a social media strategy to take advantage of the huge audience at your disposal.

However, designing a great social media strategy isn’t a straightforward task. Social media platforms can be volatile affairs, so it’s crucial that you know how to navigate their choppy seas.

It makes good business sense to review your marketing strategies at regular intervals, so today is as good as any other. And you might just discover that your social media strategy is failing due to the following reasons.

Not Engaging with Your Users

One of the keys to success for your social media strategy is by focusing on the social aspect of the medium. Make sure that you don’t ignore customers who may be contacting you for help or even just to say how awesome your business is.

People want to feel special, so if you’re not connecting with them they’re going to feel as though your business is cold and indifferent. Avoid this by scheduling in regular communication sessions for your social media accounts where you can respond to your users.

Failing to Analyze the Stats

It’s impossible to get your social media efforts right every single time, but a successful social media strategy is one that analyzes your past performance.

The number of insights you can gain from looking over your data is immense. That’s why you need to make sure you’re evaluating data such as:

  • Peak times to post
  • Most successful post formats e.g. text, pictures, videos
  • Any correlation to posting habits and followers gained/lost

It takes around a month to build a solid database to analyze, so don’t rush into making any conclusions after a couple of days!

Social Media Strategy

Not Understanding the Benefits of Social Media Tools

On paper, your social media strategy may look like a very complex and busy process, but the truth is that a whole industry of apps has sprung up to make the job easier.

Finding the time to post at peak times, for example, may not be convenient if you’re trying to capture the interest of users in a different time zone. If you’re not savvy about social media technology then the only logical solution would be to get up midway through the night and post.

Thankfully, apps such as Buffer allow you to schedule posts in and get a good night’s sleep. And, if you feel that a social media task is too repetitive, the chances are there’s an app to help you save time!

Treating All Social Media Platforms the Same

The wide variety of social medial platforms at your disposal all operate in different ways and their users respond in varying manners. Therefore, you can’t expect the same content posted on Facebook to be as well received on Pinterest.

And it’s vital that you establish which methods of communication work best on which social media site. With this knowledge in mind you’ll discover that you can then tailor specific content to each platform and maximize your engagement levels.