Is It Time For A Website Redesign?

Redesigning your business website can seem like a hassle, but if your site is old and outdated, a website redesign can help your business. There are tons of reasons to redesign your website that will improve its quality and visitor experience.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to start your website redesign project:

Mobile Friendly

Your site needs to be mobile friendly. There’s no way around it. Making your site mobile compatible is the most immediate reason to invest in a website redesign.

We’ve talked about the importance of making your site mobile responsive in previous blogs. Making your site mobile compatible will increase the SEO of your site and increase the likelihood that mobile viewers will stay on your site.

User Experience

When you redesign your website, you have the opportunity to improve the user experience of your website. Making your site mobile friendly is a great first step, but when you are working on your redesign, you can look at all of the features of your site and evaluate them.

Do you need all the widgets on the site? Does your website have enough functionality? Is it too much functionality? How does this add to the experience of the website?

Questions like these will help you create a great user experience for your website, especially considering facts like Flash is not compatible on Apple products.

website redesign

Update Content and Layout

Updating your content is essential for your business website redesign. Any facts about your business need to be correct, like your address, phone number, or personnel, otherwise potential customers will become frustrated trying to reach you and come up short.

While you update your content, you can improve your SEO for each page while redesigning your content to include SEO increasing factors like:

  • Including photos
  • Utilizing alt tags
  • Improving keyword density
  • Increasing word count (to a minimum of 300)
  • Including a metatag

Redefine Brand

When your website no longer reflects what your company is or does, it’s time to invest in a website redesign. Redefining your brand or service can be a great experience, but you want your website to accurately portray what your new company identity is.

Deciding if you need to redesign your website can be difficult, but the opportunity to improve your website can be invaluable. To learn more about whether you need to invest in a website redesign, try the HubRunner Website Grader today!