How to Develop Your Custom SEO Strategy

It’s time to get competitive. Take your business and business website to the next level by developing a custom SEO plan that will allow you to rise through the ranks of search engines.

Here are some ways you can start developing your custom SEO strategy:

Keyword Strategy

Develop a varied keyword strategy. These keywords are the core to any custom SEO plan. You want to have a variety of types (short-tail vs long-tail) and subjects (based on your industry and target market industries, such as law professionals or doctors).

There are plenty of ways to get automated keywords based on a variety of statistics. Hittail is a great service that will supply you with daily or weekly keyword suggestions based on your site’s content.

On-Site SEO

On-site, or on-page, SEO is a method to optimize each page of your website to match a keyword. Including your keyword in header tags and alt tags for photos helps improve your SEO strength.

On top of keywords, on-site SEO includes meta tags to help further optimize your page’s SEO. These meta tags allow you to write a description to further your optimization.

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Social Media

Be active on social media. Social media is a great outlet for posting your content, web pages, and relevant articles to your targeted industries. Consistent, quality social media interaction is a great way to give your custom SEO strategy a boost.

Managing a myriad of social media accounts can seem overwhelming, but there are plenty of resources out there, like Buffer and Hootsuite, that can help you keep up to date on your social media activity, along with suggesting quality content to post to your followers, so that you don’t have to spend hours sifting through articles or blog posts.

Consistent Blogging

Blogging is a cornerstone of most custom SEO strategies. Producing high quality content for viewers is a great way to improve your brand’s SEO for specific pages and for your main site.

Equipping your blog with onsite SEO allows you to make each blog post competitive in the search engines, and posting your blog posts on social media allows you to help facilitate the traffic to the posts you wrote.

Link Building

Linking building is a strategy to help you generate sales, conversions, traffic, and trust. Creating a link building strategy can take a long time, but the hard work often pays off.

Start by forming a relationship with bloggers that generate or share content similar to content you generate. Then, you can offer your content to be shared on their blog, providing a link back to your website and creating a highly valuable SEO tool for you. Links from websites with high domain authority can help your website visibility skyrocket.

PPC Campaign

Starting a pay per click campaign can be a highly effective custom SEO strategy. Google Adwords is a great resource for generating these kinds of ads. You can also run these kinds of PPC campaigns for social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can also run PPC campaigns for your remarketing efforts, to push past viewers back to your site. Having high quality ads for viewers to visit your site can help give your SEO a great boost.

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