Things to Consider When Looking for Office Space

Looking for office space can be complicated. Balancing employee expectation with rational budgeting can end up making everyone unhappy. But with proper planning, you can mitigate the stress of moving offices.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for office space:

How Much Space You Need

When you’re looking for office space for your team, you need to first identify how much space you need. You might need a little extra growing room if your company is planning on expanding, or you might want to have everyone in the same room in order to tear down the cubicle walls.

Make sure you have enough room for everyone to feel comfortable, but without breaking your bank.

What Features You Want

Do you want a trendy renovated house for your office space, an all-inclusive coworking space, or an open work space you can make your own?

There are tons of different types of office spaces you can lease, and each one has different features that make them unique. There are great benefits you reap taking advantage of different kinds of offices, such as higher employee satisfaction and increased communication. However, you will want to work with your team to decide on what kind of office features they want to have.

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Your New Location

Location is critical when you’re looking for office space. If you work on a huge team, you may be limited to space, and officing in a downtown setting can be extremely expensive and hard to get ahold of.

If you work on a smaller team, you can have more consideration for your team’s commute. Location can also serve as a benefit for employees if you are located in a walkable area to restaurants and other activities.


Your office budget can be one of your largest fixed costs. When you start looking for office space, create a hard budget for what you can pay monthly. Different office locations, sizes, and features will obviously affect the costs of your lease.

Length of Your Lease

You want to know how long you’re committing to an office space before you sign the lease! This could be a particular problem if you are trying to grow your company rapidly in the months of your lease.

Also, signing up for longer leases can help reduce the month-to-month cost of your leasing.

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