Custom Website Pricing: What do Websites Really Cost?

As website technology has evolved, custom website pricing has changed significantly. In the earlier years of the Internet’s rising popularity, it was very expensive for companies to get a website designed and built. Because of the higher costs involved in getting a website, only companies with large budgets could afford to build their web presence. Oh, how the times have changed!

Web Design Shops & Freelance Web Developers

Today, custom website pricing is much lower, and nearly every company that wants to connect with customers and potential customers understands the importance of having a website. With over 140,000 web developers in the United States, you probably live and work in close proximity to a number of web design shops and independent website developers.

Working with a design shop or freelance developer, custom website pricing usually starts around several thousands of dollars and goes up from there (also, there would be an ongoing fee for hosting and an hourly fee for website updates). While you very well might find cheaper offers to build your site, it’s difficult to spend less and still get a professional solution that includes expert copywriting and ongoing site management. Working with a design shop or freelancer will put you on the higher end of the custom website pricing spectrum.

custom website pricing

Do It Yourself Website Builders

On the low end, it’s easy to set up an account with low-cost “do it yourself” website builders like Squarespace or Wix. These tools enable you to set up your own website, write your own content and customize the design. If you go this route, you can expect the custom website pricing to be very low, in the $10 to $40 per month range.

Of course, you also need to factor in the value of your own time and expertise required to learn the software, create your own site, and manage it on an ongoing basis.

The Managed Website Platform

Between these two extremes, HubRunner provides a website platform that’s fully managed. HubRunner’s website platform is customized for each client, including images, expert page content, color scheme, page layout and more. With no upfront cost and a single low monthly fee, HubRunner balances the best of affordability and total service.

custom website pricing

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