Evaluate Your Business Website with a Website Grader Tool

Your website may look great, but maybe it is not attracting enough traffic. Or maybe a lot of people visit your site, but it is not loading quickly enough for the users’ liking. Perhaps there are too many ads popping up, or it could be that your links are lacking. One way to analyze the issues and find ways to improve is to use a website grader tool.

These online graders are typically free, and very easy to use. You can usually just type in your website URL and your email address, and you will get an analysis within a minute or so.

Some of the top website grader tools are as follows:

  • Website Grader: Simple enough, right? HubSpot’s Website Grader tool does just that. Input your information and you will get a quick answer to the question on its homepage, “How strong is your website?” You will be given an overall grade, then numbers on page performance, page size, page speed and more, along with information about what these numbers mean.
  • FreeGrader: FreeGrader will assess your website and give you the score out of 100, based on your Facebook page, whether it is mobile friendly and many other areas. Each section is assigned a number, and an explanation of how each number was reached. The information is straightforward and the report can be printed or sent via email.
  • Nibbler: Type in your web address, and Nibbler will provide you with a report that ranks accessibility, user experience, popularity and the technological quality of the site, among other information. There are many categories analyzed, and the information can help you to improve your website in order to increase traffic and make it more user-friendly.
  • UpCity: This website grader tool offers different types of reports about your website. You can try the SEO or Local SEO report cards, for example, to see how your page stacks up in search engine optimization, or a more specific ranking for your locality. There are many services to be found through this site.

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When you consider using a website grader tool, you need to make sure you are using a credible source. There are plenty of third party website grader tools out on the internet that are illegitimate and do not provide quality feedback about your website’s performance.

There are a number of other website grader tools that can help you in different ways as well. When you are able to see the numbers in black and white, you can come up with more ideas that will make your website better than ever.

Again, most of these tools are free, so why not take advantage?

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