Three Awesome Website Designs

This entry is dedicated to three awesome website designs that inspire us. These websites are, for a lack of a better word, awesome. We hope you find inspiration in them as well!

NuCoco Chocolate

Nucoco Chocolate is “inventive chocolate from Scotland.” If their website is any indication of their creativity with chocolate, then we should all go ahead and put our orders in. The home page is a simple, colorful photo that builds into a logo as you scroll down. It is genius design that is as fun exploring as it is learning about the actual product. Take a look!

Bangers Austin

Bangers Austin reminds us of a time gone by, when barbered, old men stood behind the deli counter, calling us “son” or “little lady”. Luckily, the website describes our real life experience with Bangers. Men with suspenders and fine mustaches tote around sausage menus and beergarden knowledge. You can almost envision the cluster of picnic tables around a live, acoustic stage underneath lo-volt strands of lights. Essentially, this website suggests that the vintage ways of business and virtual aesthetics can be blended into one entity, and we couldn’t agree more. Lookin’ good, Bangers!

Let’s Travel Somewhere

Let’s Travel Somewhere is a perspective into foreign lands that we adore. Nisa Meier’s portfolio is a collaborative effort of visual surgency from start to finish. The homepage sports a red-face, decorated man from India. A single click takes us into the backdrop of his colorful life. The site, as a whole is a host of other discovered places, other people being momentarily captured, other images graciously donated to us rooted viewers. Let’s Travel Somewhere shows us how far an image can take us,  in the web world and the in present one.