Three More Awesome Website Designs

Being a website design company, we appreciate companies that put their best foot forward on the world wide web. It is, quite literally, our job to take notice of simple, clean, and stunning layouts. Here, we have listed three more awesome website designs that inspire us, cause us to be more creative, and allow us a visual indulgence. Bet you can’t visit just one…

Flipboard might be more commonly known to you through the iTunes App Store. But, do not miss their web offerings. The homepage is a striking, full screen image with motion graphics and smooth transitions. Here is a great example of clean, yet beautiful design.

Incredible Types is a collection of different print works, exhibiting all kinds of typography by various artists.. It is, in every sense of the word, eye candy. Not only is the content creative and eye catching, but the layout itself causes the reader to pause, to take it in, to appreciate. Take a look at the possibilities with Incredible Types.

The Chalkboard Mag is in all inclusive lifestyle archive. Style + Living, Well Being, The Juice, and Profiles and Collabs are few of the main titles mentioned in the toolbar. Underneath is a slideshow of articles and photos focused on general wellness, all treated with a similar filter and design. The cohesive approach from thumbnails to content makes this site exemplary. Go on and click around this healthy addiction.